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VIDEO: Trump to Bartiromo “Bill Barr and Durham have all the Answers, They Could be the Best of all Time”

President Donald J. Trump was on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo on Thursday and gave a lengthy interview that covered many different and important topics.

“This country was coming together before China sent over the plague,” Trump said.  Even in the face of the left’s resistance of Trump’s restoration of American, Trump talked about the 200 judges, 2 Supreme Court Justices, Tax Cuts, Regulations he has gotten passed.

Talking about the coup that has dominated the independent media, Trump didn’t sound hopeful there would be justice.

“I hope that Barr and Durham are not going to be politically correct, everyone knew exactly what was going on with Obama.  They lied to Congress. They want to put people in jail who did nothing compared to what happened to my administration. They want to take down a duly elected President of the United States,”Trump said.

“I hope they do their job and are not politically correct.  Bill Barr can go down at the greatest attorney general of all time, or just a regular guy.  It all depends on what happens,” he said. ‘

“I am so honest that I said out anyone at all in there because I am so honest.  Barr and Durham have all the answers and they know it goes all the way to Obama,” Trump aid.


“We see a recovery of the economic markets trading higher, Trump talks about the future economy,  “it depends on who wins, if he wins with the New Green Deal it will be a disaster, it is drawn up by Children.  I have gone over point by point and it is ridiculous.  You would have to rebuild cities because houses and buildings lose too much sunlight thru windows. They want no animals, or cars or planes.  They are crazy.  The polls are a re-play of 2016 with the polls.  Our polls show we are doing great.

Bartiromo said to Trump ” You won 2016  with a focus on jobs, bringing the economy back which is what you did, Biden and Harris took shots at you about the economy, it was the best we had seen at least in a generation, except it isn’t now and they are blaming in on you.”


“It was the Chinese plage that ruined it.  I build the greatest economy in the world, the market was going to go thru the roof.  I built it once and I will do it again.   My biggest headwind is Bidden, he is going to tax people so it destroys the economy.  How is a politician running on such a massive tax increase?  It is to pay for AOC’s Green Plan. These guys are all afraid of her because the progressives are beating them.  Chuck Schumer is even in trouble, I think AOC will run against him and win,” Trump said.


On the hold up of the Stimulus for American people, Trump said ” The Democrats want massive funding for the failing Post Office for their big Universal Mail-in Voting. You see the diaster of what is happening in New York now with Mail-in Voting.  They want 25 Billion Dollars for their scam.  People can go out and vote like they did in WW1 and WW2.”


“We are challenging the greatest fraud in history, we have many lawsuits out there to stop them from Vote fraud. Voter ID is the greatest thing out there, and everyone knows it. The Democrats cheat that is why they don’t want it.  Judicial Watch from over one Million votes that were fraudulent and the Democrats do not want to fix it. ”


“European Tariffs, the European Union is like China, they cheat us.  The EU pays a lot of money to Russia for Oil and Ga and then we have to pay to protect Europe from Russia.  I am wise to this.,” Trump said.


“I view China as being before and after the Chinese Plague.  They didn’t have to do what they did. I view them now as after the plague. They are running their country and we are running our country.  We have had foolish leadership for some long, and all of these countries have taken advantage of us. We were in the process of working things out in China.  Hong Kong is a complex situation.  Hong Kong is owned by China, and so why should I give this money to China?  We are going to make a lot more money.  Hong Kong Markets are going to go to Hell, and we are going to make Billions of dollars more.  China got aggressive and  I took everything back and now they are going to fail.


“We are prosecuting people from TIK TOK and Huwaia can not do business here either.  We are not going to deal with people, with our intelligence, because we won’t let that go to Bejing.  The media is sold out to China. Most of the people are bought off by China because they have a big pot of Gold.  They are a big problem.

The Dollar is strong now than ever before, the pedigree of the dollar unless Biden gets in with his stupid plan and taxes everyone.”


“Regulations are taxes and I have cut more than anyone else. I will do it again.

Payroll Tax, is substantial hold to the economic capital gains tax will go down to 15%   Pelosi is stone cold crazy, so I think we will take the house.  We are fighting very hard in the Senate – the Senate is tough, “Trump said.


“Unions own Biden, including destroy the future of our children.  Good teachers are very important,” he said.


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