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VIDEO: Trump Supporter who Pulled Gun In Tallahassee for Self Defense will not be Charged

Sunday the Tallahassee Democrat reported that a man who had pulled a gun in self-defense, after being chased and threatened, hit and knocked to the ground by a group of people gathered for a protest rally, would be not charged with anything.

According to their report, “A man who pulled a gun and pointed it at Black Lives Matter protesters during a fistfight in front of the Florida Historic Capitol building Saturday evening will not face charges.

After more than 16 hours of silence following the incident, the city of Tallahassee said in a release Sunday afternoon that the Tallahassee Police Department worked with the State Attorney’s Office to review what happened during the tense moment that developed after punches were thrown.”

“The evidence confirmed the physical altercation between numerous protesters and that the individual was knocked to the ground and under attack before lawfully defending himself,” the release said. “TPD confirmed that the individual with the gun was lawfully carrying a concealed weapon as a license holder.”

In the following video of the event, a man is seen being circled by BLM activists, pushed and shoved. Heard is the crowd using graphic vulgar language and screaming, escalating the tensions as the man tries to walk toward his destination.

“You are an F’ing dog, get the F out of here,” a woman yells. An obese man is seen threatening the man, walking very closely up behind him, in an aggressive manner, and a woman starts screaming about a gun. Police come to the man and he hands over his weapon ans they drop him to the ground and then push the BLM members back as they continuing to scream.

Adam Ferguson, who identified himself online as the man at whom the counter-protester pointed the gun, said the man instigated the fight when he shoved a female protester. When another protester shoved him back, the counter-protester threw a punch that hit Ferguson’s girlfriend. Upon hearing that no charges would be filed, Ferguson said he is “deeply upset.”

Trish Brown, a founding member of TCAC and former candidate for City Commission, said she is “hurt, broken, exhausted and fed up.”

She witnessed the incident from just feet away.

“I’m enraged that he is not being charged, enraged about how the police handled the situation,” she said. “TPD, as far as I’m concerned, did not do their job. They did not keep that man away from our peaceful rally, our peaceful protesting which we always practice.”

Florida has a bold stand your ground law:

Florida’s standyourground law went into effect on October 1, 2005. Florida state representative Dennis Baxley, an author of the law, said that the violent crime rate has dropped since the enactment of the law, though he said there may be many reasons for the change.

Domestic uprisings are occurring around the nation, mostly in Democrat run towns and cities, where people are gathering to protest what they see as the need for criminal justice reform. President Donald J, Trump believes that most of the protesters are anarchists. Democrats are often lenient or encouraging of the events. Most started around May, with the death of George Floyd. Increasingly Trump supporters are counter protesting these events, many out of a frustration for the lack of law enforcement to end the violence.

The protests and counter-protests are becoming more violent. One man was murdered in Portland Oregon on Saturday night by an anti-government demonstrator.

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