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VIDEO: Trump Said “Mexico will pay for Wall with Tolls” at Rousing Immigration Press Conference in 112 Degree Heat

Senior White House Reporter for NBC, Shannon Pettypiece reported that President Donald J. Trump announced that he is going to keep his 2016 campaign promise that Mexico would pay for the border wall, after all.

“Trump, at border event, says that he is going to put a “toll” on cars coming into the US from Mexico to get Mexico to pay for the wall. Offers no other details,” Pettypiece reported.

Trump’s immigration event was held Tuesday to a cheering crowd in Yuma Arizona, to accept the endorsement of the National Border Council Enforcement endorsement.


Trump had a rousing event in a hanger where it was 112 degrees outside.  A handful of people passed out from the heat, but Trump just kept charging ahead, well energized.  “Pretend like you are in a great, expensive sauna, one that we paid a lot of money for,” said.

“We are up to 280 miles of the Wall, we have never been helped and in 1000 years when you come back, two things that never get old is wheels and walls.  The survival of our nation is at stake with this election. this is the most important election in the history of the country.  These people are sick, and we have to make sure that these Socialists and beyond don’t win,” Trump said.

“The Democrats want walls down and they want sanctuary cities, and abolish immigration enforcement.  They want to give everything to illegal aliens. Not to you you, but to illegal. The Biden plans will unleash massive amounts of illegal immigration and it must be defeated,” he said.

“I said we were going to give you tax cuts, we did.  We did right to try, and I am the only one to give you more than I promised. We are going to win Arizona better than last time.

“The caravans are not coming anymore.  Remember those? They were a mess.  We stopped that. The drugs are not pouring is anymore.  Now we have more than half of the wall built.  Notice that they [Media] don’t talk about it- and it is going to be done so soon. We won.  You can not climb over this wall.  Everyone fought us.  I kept every promise I made. Our border is now the most secure we have ever had. We want people to come in by merit who love our country.  Everything we said was going to be built will be built and if not more, and it will be done by the end of the year.  No one thought we could do it.  Illegal crossings are way down.  Your communities are much safer.  More important is that we ended Catch and Release.  The cages were built in 2014 by Obama and the fake news says that I build them, but I did not build them.

“We are proudly defending the safety of Americans. I salute Hispanics are the people who are most supportive of what we are doing on the border.  We have stopped the fraud and putting smugglers in jail.  MS13 is on the road and we are deporting them.  If Biden wins it will be a massive jailbreak for MS 13,” Trump said.




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