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VIDEO: Trump Calls Maskless Friends a “Peaceful Protest” at Golf Club Presser, Media Loses it

President Donald J. Trump had a press conference at his Bedminster New Jersey golf club, Thursday Night and the radical left media was in a high alert outrage the entire time, but especially after a reporter asked a question about the people in attendance in the audience, who the reporter said were maskless.

REPORTER: “Just in this room, you have dozens of people who are not following the guidelines…

“They are having a peaceful protest,” Trump responded. “This is a political activity.”


The Media was upset:

Originally the crowd was not wearing masks and reporters tweeted their outrage.

Masks were handed out and the guests put them on.

Reporters were prepared to be upset.

Investigative Journalists did more research on New Jersey Masks than they did on Obamagate or Crossfire Hurricane.

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