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[VIDEO] Tlaib Cries About Texas Abortion Law In Hearing And Demands DC Listen To Black Lives Matter

Watching the following footage of a DC drama on the Hill over Texas abortion laws should be a startling reminder that many of the politicians we elect to represent us have forgotten that they are representing us and not just pushing for a personal agenda of their own. Using the weight of the House Oversight Committee, the Democrats put on a clown show over abortion this week.

The Post Millenial reported on the hearing:

“During a House Oversight Committee hearing on abortion legislation on Thursday, an abortion provider from Texas spoke out against the pro-life Texas Heartbeat Act, saying “it’s extremely dangerous to be pregnant in Texas.”

This dramatic reaction of the new law was echoed by numerous Democrats including one who cried and sobbed on the American taxpayer’s dime.

Michigan social justice activist, US Rep.Tlaib is a first-generation American Muslim woman, who enjoys freedom in the most beautiful country on the planet for women, yet her agenda is to destroy opportunities for Americans who are not Black. Claiming she was born and raised in Detroit, where everyone is Black, she sees herself as a champion of a Marxist group of radicals called Black Lives Matter, pretending that America is some third-world country stuck back in the 1600’s when it comes to racism against Blacks.

She claims that putting restrictions on killing  Black babies late into gestation is somehow racist.

Recently Tlaib put on a show for her supporters, crying, being unprofessional and having a tantrum over abortion restrictions, which is what voters in a different state voted that they wanted.

The dominance and control that drives this member of the “squad” of communists and socialists is something every American should witness.

A Turning Point USA member reported on the childish display of drama by Tlaib:

“Rep. Tlaib just has an absolute MELTDOWN over the Texas abortion law, bursting into tears and screaming over a pro-life witness at a hearing, calling Planned Parenthood “healthcare:” “BLM should be very much at the forefront of every policy that we ever do” WATCH THIS,” Danny De Urbina wrote.

The hearing about the Texas abortion law is causing Democrats to freak out and really show their motivations for being in government.  Protecting Planned Parenthood, who funnels large amounts of wealth from taxpayers to politicians is something that causes those in DC to sit up and fight about.

What is offensive to them is that anyone would question the practice of women killing their babies.

As we know the issue of protecting the sanctity of life is a very divisive issue, with Democrats main focus being on abortion on demand, at all cost, without question.

The hearing on the Hill is a bizarre showing of the lack of understanding over the function of government, with Democrats looking like they are playing school in a playground.

Texas voted – why are they even having a hearing? Perhaps it is time to defund Planned Parenthood and then we will find out how much these politicians care about the “reporductive rights” of women who didn’t know how to prevent themselves from getting pregnant.

Here is some more on the drama on the Hill over killing babies:

For more reading how twisted the ideas are for the American left, please check out this article:

“Abortion” At 42 Weeks For Body Parts Is Modern Day Slavery, When Do Dems Say ‘Enough’?


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