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VIDEO: Three Independent Real Journalists on Front Lines of Riots in Portland

Elijah Shaffer an independent Journalist and podcaster made a series of videos called “All Things Portland” for his media company Slightly Offensive and highlighted 3 of  Independent Journalists who are covering the violent uprisings in Portland Oregon.

These stories uncover the shocking and blatant disregard for American law and order and the strength of the leftist movements who have expertise in Community Organizing. These independent journalists are experts on this topic, covering the stories of the people and movements for years.


“60 nights in Portland riots and have a protest for an hour, “kill cops” setting fire on federal property, tearing away barriers that protect the building. These are Antifa, they are playing a game to avoid the definition of “organizing”.  Like Chaz in Seatle, they have random thugs in Portland.  They don’t bother too many the terrorist agenda to get business.  This is Black Blok, with an agenda to get rid of Trump and Police.  The Moms are an opt. It is all for optics. They give huge speakers and give them 2 hours to clear the space. There are always warnings.   Even the moms who are tearing at the barriers for the Federal property.

This is not peaceful protection against police brutality that is the cover for the people who are there just to be there for violence and attack the federal property. That is what I am seeing. When you obvious shooting re there it is very fireworks at the buildings. they bring shields- because they know what is happening.  They bring leaf blowers to blow away the gas.”


“What is surprising is how well organized these people in Portland.  They have a team that cooks, Medic teams, the Umbrella Squad that works on the front lines, and they are creating their own little Army until 3-4 in the morning, that is the huge difference between this and other protests. These are straight anarchists.  They have tried to set the courthouse on fire.  There are people in the courthouse.  It is a mini Civil War and appreciating 60 days every single night.  A US Veteran said this thig in Portland reminded him of Iraq, which is in 2020 in Portland. They throw projectiles, frozen water bottles, and rocks at the Federal Law Enforcement. The Media there defends the crowd, making the federal officers look bad.  That is the big thing helping them [Protestors]. They are very well organized, food, water, medics,” Jorge said.


“For 5 straight weeks, the riots were happening and get worse before the federal troops came in.  The radical liberals in the state’s largest city are using this to exploit the situation.  Trump is not making it worse. The largest surge happened around the 4th of July before Trump was there.  The media is pushing that message about Trump because of Media Bias.  These people are all biased and propagandists. Journalists who didn’t start paying attention to  Portland until just recently looking for info for New York Times articles. Thy are framing to be favorable to Antifa- the are pushing Antifa’s talking points. and it is about the Election, I am sure.   A lot of the independent journalists are what propagandists and get approval from Antifa. There are stories of people who were not embedded who have gotten killed. If they are embedded, they are pushing propaganda.  They will put out videos of police, without context.

Full VIdeo:

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