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VIDEO: “They Hunted Us”, Eyewitness Report from Portland ‘Execution’ of Patriot Prayer Member

A man named Chandler, who was on the ground in the streets in Portland Oregon when a Trump supporter was shot dead execution-style in a high profile case that even President Donald J. Trump commented upon, gave his first-hand account to Journalist Elijah Schaffer.

“Jay would not want more bloodshed. We want Ted Wheeler to do his job. We want to be be safe on the streets of Portland, in this Communist City. Jay would not want us to give up. We went to a flag wave the next day, we can let them make us afraid to walk down the street in my own city and someone may come after me. My children have a right to grow up in a country that is safe. I am going to keep wearing my Patriots Prayer hat,” Chandler said.

The night of the shooting, the rioters celebrated in the streets, after the Trump supporter was pronounced dead, drawing national attention to the horrific murder of a man named Erin “Jay” Bishop.

Andy Ngo is a journalist who has covered the group called Antifa and their activities, including riots in Portland, and posted footage of the crowds.

One Journalist who goes by the Twitter name, “Elijah Riot”, took a deeper dive and interviewed a friend of the victim, who was there with him at the time of the shooting. The full interview is below.

“Jay was a supper good man to lose, there is a lot of prayer and people are being supportive of one another,” Chandler said.

The following are his statements, as an eyewitness:

“I was on the ground with him. They hunted us down and shot us because we are not like them. It was after the Trump rally a few miles away, we drove in. We went to explore. We were not there to hurt anyone, we just have a right to be there, so we go. But they disagree with us. They shot us down. To the point where they execute people. We have been sent footage of the guy with the skat board who was following us.

When they said, we have a couple here- pull it out, Pull it out. Our crime was wearing one of thee [Hat with Patriots Prayer] about 8:45 PM.

Jay and I were together, I am from Portland and walking down the street, we were isolated and not with a bunch of other people and I think the reason he got shot and not me was he was close to them than me, he was compassion and closer to people, and I think he was getting ready to pull his bear mace, they shot his heart out. There wasn’t much blood, because they shot him in the heart. I was looking for the wound to help him, and there was not much blood.

I instantly stopped being afraid for my life, and I pushed an antifa medic off of him, and I went to help him. I went to trn him over and looking for a wound, and it was uncanny that they were right there and approached me as he was shot, and I didn’t know if they were going to give him aid or what.

The clearest vision I have is that , even though I am in shock, we have a right to be there, I turned around and saw one guy in black and one in white. It didn’t process if someone had a gun pointed at us. I do not remember any altercations from that night, he wasn’t justified in what he did. I need to go back and look at the video and see if he picked us out just for who we are.

Jay was such a decent guy and someone has to be in a really bad place to dehumanize people, to be glad that he is dead. I think we were targeted. They are taking it farther and farther.

Currently there is no update about the suspect who killed “Jay”.


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