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VIDEO: The Abused Women of Portland, Police and Mayor Stand Down While Elderly Women Defend Police

Two older American women, both white-haired and one who needed the assistance of a walker to move around,  were at the Portland riots Thursday, and were caught unprotected on video trying to put out a fire near a police station, and also trying to persuade an angry mob of people in black to leave the property alone, another woman was attacked at her home for the second night in a row after a dispute with the same mob.

John Solomon reported about the unfolding events and said “on Thursday night, Portland police declared an unlawful assembly outside a precinct and protesters were ordered to leave, after acknowledging concerns about the crowd intending to vandalize and burn the precinct, according to the Associated Press.”

Footage of the two women went viral and shocked a nation at the amount of raw hatred and violence that was aimed at them, while they defended property.

It is unclear who the women are, the Portland police posted that one of the women was in a walker at the scene of the riot. Journalist Andy Ngo posted about the attacks with more details. Far-left radical enabler and Mayor of Portland made a video Thursday night calling the mob “murders”, surprising people because he has been so welcoming of the mob.

The uprising was planned, organized and advertised by a group called PNW Youth Liberation Front. The Portland police were aware there would be an uprising.

But the only people seen defending the property and people inside are the two older women. Seen here one woman gets attacked by a mob, yelled at, and has paint throw on her.

Another woman tries to extinguish a fire at the same Police Station a distance away from the other lady, and pushed away by members of the mob.

The Portland Police were live-tweeting during the violent attacks.

Video of the woman getting paint poured on her went viral quickly.

After abusing the two elderly women, the mob of Antifa returned to the home of another woman they were harassing. Ngo wrote that the woman had already been attacked with Lasers and had been blinded.

This story is ongoing…

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