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VIDEO: Shocking Bodycam Shows Florida Woman Stab and Charge at Police Before Getting Shot

Police officers are in a difficult spot lately with extra scrutiny on their every move, and with domestic uprisings aimed at defending police departments over shootings, these are times when body cam footage can often show that the Police were attacked first, before they shot, as in this case of a woman in Florida.

Fox News reported:

Florida police bodycam video shows a Jacksonville officer knocking on a door before a woman rushes out, stabs her, then is ultimately shot and killed by law enforcement.

Officer Elizabeth Mechling was responding to a dispute at a home in April, but the video was just released this week. In it, Mechling knocks on the door, steps back and appears to be waiting for someone to answer.

The danger escalated very quickly.

Then the suspect, identified as 29-year-old Leah Baker, rushes out with a knife.

“What the f—,” Mechling shouts, stumbling onto the sidewalk. Then she calls it in: “I’ve just been f—— stabbed!”

The knife struck her in the arm, she says later in the video. After calling it in, Mechling orders Baker to drop the knife, and she does. When Mechling orders her to get on the ground, she ignores the command and reaches for the knife again.”

Baker then stands in place with the knife as Mechling backs away.

Body camera footage released Tuesday shows the sequence of events leading up to what the State Attorney’s Office ruled a justifiable police shooting.

While Mechling demands the woman get on the ground, Baker is seen reaching down to pick up the knife. When Baker retrieves the knife, Mechling is seen stepping backward and firing two shots toward Baker, which investigators say missed. Baker drops the knife a second time.

“Shots fired!” Mechling yells into her radio.

More officers arrive, including Sgt. John Nobles, who orders Baker to drop the knife again – and again she does so. In the video, as officers approach, she refuses orders to get on the ground, picks it up again and lunges toward them.

The officers open fire. While bleeding in the street, Baker also allegedly began hitting a police K-9, Jacksonville-based WJXT-TV reported. She later died in a hospital.

Baker’s mother, Charity Baker, told the outlet that her daughter had mental illness.


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1 Comment

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