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VIDEO: President Trump Told Spectator That he is “Not Done Yet”

Video footage was uploaded on Twitter on Wednesday, showing President Trump with several men on a golf course and heard is a man, who is off-screen saying, “Mr. President, Thank you for your service, Sir.” At the same time, Trump approaches the man and says, “Thank you very much, we haven’t finished yet,” is heard as Trumpcontiues to walk off-screen.

While Trump is off-screen, the man says, “good.”  Another man says. “exactly,”


There isn’t any other information about the video clip available at this time. There is no confirmation of exactly what Trump was referring to or could mean by the statments.

Sightings of Trump are rare over the past few weeks, and there have been very few public statements by Trump since he left Washington DC on Jan 20, leaving his supporters eager to hear from him, for themselves.

Trump is expected to make a public showing in Washington DC, at his impeachment hearing, or at least lawyers will speak on his behalf starting the first week of February.

The EPOCH Time covered the upcoming trial and reported:

“The lawyer who is slated to defend former President Donald Trump during his impeachment trial next month explained his reasoning.

“It’s who I am. It’s what I do. It’s all about the rule of law in the Constitution,” Karl “Butch” Bowers of South Carolina told the Washington Post. “I’m not worried what other people think,” he told the paper, adding he hasn’t been following the media coverage about the trial.

On Tuesday, 45 GOP senators voted to say that the impeachment trial against Trump is unconstitutional because the former president is out of office. To convict a president, the Senate requires 67 votes, meaning 17 Republicans would have to peel away from their party to join the Democrats.

Bowers did not elaborate on Trump’s defense, who was impeached in the House for allegedly inciting an insurrection on Jan. 6.

“You’ll see our case when we present it,” he told the Post, “and I think the facts and the law will speak for themselves.”

In the interview, Bowers said he would have enough time to prepare a defense—coming about two weeks before the trial is scheduled to begin.

“Like in any other endeavor, sometimes you get a ton of time as a lawyer, sometimes you get a short period of time, and you adjust as needed, he said. “

Communications from Trump has been rare.

Through one of his advisors, Jason Miller, the message was released to Trump supporters that Trump was planning on being active still in politics. However, he had not endorsed the new group who filed an FEC report for a third party called the Patriot Party.

Last week Trump’s team announced that he had opened up “The Officer of the Former President” and released an endorsement for Sarah Sander’s run for Governor of Arkansas.

Trump’s supporters will be happy to hear that he is not done yet, and are eager to hear what he will be focused on in the future.


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