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Video: Peaceful, Loving BLM Leader Flips His *** & Goes Off The Rails, Screams “F*** The Peaceful Protests” ‘That’s All Lives Matter Bullh*t” At Portland Rally [Opinion]

Don’t try and tell me this woman is not trying to incite a riot when she is clearly unhinged and screaming ‘F*** the peaceful protests.’  What else does that mean, other than violently ‘protest’ which sounds a lot like a riot to me, but hey what do I know, this is just my opinion, man.

Opinion| Steven Ahle|. With the aid of Portland mayor, Ted Wheeler, the ever-escalating violent groups Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA (ironically an acronym for anti-fascism) are no longer even pretending to be peaceful protesters and are stepping up their roughshod tactics.

Yesterday one BLM anarchist freely admitted that her goal is to destroy the United States.

A second violent BLM leader shouted to her supporters, which apparently includes Mayor Wheeler, that she is no longer interested in peaceful protests.

Tai Carpenter told the “Wheeler Whackadoos” to “F**k the peaceful protests.”

Wheeler has repeatedly tried to blame President Trump and Federal agents for the violence in Portland.

One reporter finally called him out and reminded Wheeler that there has been over 5 weeks of violence prior to the first DHS ever coming to Portland.

The unrest and upheavel became so dangerous that Federal law enforcement had to move into Portland to protect Federal property and ensure the safety of Federal employees.

Imagine this for a moment. Prior to the existence of BLM there was Martin Luther King and the Black Panthers. The Black Panthers were coated and turned into an extremely violent group and after years of protesting they have essentially accomplished nothing … except create violence and division.

Martin Luther King, on the other hand, believed in and organized peaceful protests and he was able to change the mindset of millions of Americans and reshaped the entire country.  MLK Jr had such an influence on America that we have a federal holiday for the hero.

So what exactly what has BLM accomplished? I am serious here, what have they accomplished … other than stir up tribalism, burn down buildings and ruin pro sports for half the country?

They decend on communities and cause mayhem, loot local businesses, vandalize and burn down buildings and these thugs who say they want to win over public sentiment, brutally beat anyone with whom they disagree.

They anger those who would otherwise sympathize with their cause and turn them into opponents.

At the end of the day, what will become of Portland? The businesses that were looted and had their buildings burned to the ground would be fools to rebuild before the next round of riots.

The best and the brightest will move out of Portland, jobs will become scarce and will go to those who may be overqualified and leave those with less skills with no gainful employment.

Unfortunately, the people of Portland are going to get EXACTLY what they voted for, the sad part is that they won’t learn.  I imagine that in 20 years Portland and Seattle will be the new Detroit and Baltimore.



  1. Dorothy Hyatt

    July 19, 2020 at 9:49 am

    STOP the madness!

  2. TKF

    July 19, 2020 at 8:24 pm

    This girl needs to be in a mental institution or jail. She is insane and dangerous.

  3. RB

    July 20, 2020 at 4:46 pm

    She is a Marxist/Communist Racist Bigot who wants the destruction of the USA because a bunch of “WHITE” Apologist LEMMING SHEEP have followed lock step behind her and her communist organization “BLM” which by its definition is a TERRORIST Organization! They are the equivalent of the 1930-1940’s Brown Shirt RACIST Nazi’s! Instead of being called “Nazi’s” they are “BLM”, and just as extremist and just as awful and to be shun, despised, and arrested, tried, convicted, and imprisoned for a very long time! Anyone planning on the elimination, or destruction of the USA is/are TERRORIST and should be dealt with accordingly! Oohraah USA!!! #BackTheBlue #DefendThePolice #NationalConcealCarry #AllLivesMatter

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