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VIDEO: Patriot Prayer Scuffle, Joey Gibson Chased by Portland Antifa, Video of Shooting Death of Other PP Member

Portland Oregon has been the location of an ongoing battle between two groups, Antifa and Patriot Prayer, and Saturday Night another group called “MAGA Drag the Interstate” brought in new participants in the unfolding domestic dispute for control of the town’s attention.

Antifa, has largely dominated the area with help of local authorities and lawmakers such radical far-left Democrat, Mayor Ted Wheelaer. Saturday night after the vehicle parade had completed their event, there was a shooting fatality that included a member of Patriot Prayer.

Black Lives Matter has escalated the tensions between the Antifa and Patriots prayer with recent BLM attacks on and around the Federal Court house in major violent domestic uprisings since may, with the death of George Floyd.

The MAGA group had been in the area to have a vechicle parade:

It is unclear if the MAGA Parade and the Patriot Prayer groups were connected or just at the same event at the same time, some reports are that Gibson is leader of the group.

One member of Patriot Prayer was killed and Joey Gibson, the leader of Patriot Prayer, confirmed he knew him

The following is the shocking video of the fatal shooting:

Seen are a handful of people walking, and then heard are gunshots, a man shooting, watching his target and then walking away and a man falling, who is now known as the member of Patriot Prayer who was killed.


Joey Gibson, had been videotaped earlier in the evening being chased by a large group of Antifa and BLM activists and rioters.

The combined crowd is seen chasing the man into a building and heard yelling”Go home Joey”, as some members of the crowd then attempt to break into the building where he had sought refuge.

The man identified as Joey stays in the building while the mob screams for him, shakes the doors to try to retrieve him out of a business that is mostly covered up with boards.

Police units finally arrive and clear the area of rioters, and heard is a police officer identifying the area as a Chevron gas station.

“All people must clear the Chevron parking lot,” the officer says while driving and clearing the area.

Gibson was later seen outside of the area being protected by police. And then escorted from the area by vehicle. Gibson is seen talking on the phone and pacing a bit, behind Police officers, with weapons on, in riot gear, and then escorted by police out of the area.

At some point in the night, a man who had a Patriot Prayer hat on was shot and killed and the crowd was videotaped celebrating the death. Gateway Pundit, Cassandra Fairbanks, reported on the celebration and said:

“The rioters in Portland let their true colors shine on Saturday night as they cheered and celebrated the murder of a member of Patriot Front by one of their peers.

For a while, rumors were circulating online that a rioter had been killed by a supporter of President Donald Trump, but there was a big celebration when they found out it was actually the other way around.”

The New York Times reported at of 1PM Sunday,”The man killed in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday has not been identified, but he was wearing a hat with the insignia of Patriot Prayer, a far-right group based in the city. The police have not released information about who fired the shots.”

The shooting was captured on video,

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