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VIDEO: One Single Man Shows Up to Welcome Joe Biden in Kenosha

On Thursday, on very short notice and playing copycat to President Donald J. Trump’s visit to the exact same area earlier in the week, Democrat candidate Joe Biden was lacking any supporters at all to welcome him to a planned and publicized event, until one single man showed up, holding a blue sign that said, “Uncle Joe”.

A local citizen journalist and broadcaster from www. reported,” Wisconsin is a battleground state. This isn’t a good sign. Where is the support for Biden? Only the media is here for Biden in #Kenosha (Outside of the church where Biden is appearing in 1 hour)”

“Will update when Biden appears at the #Kenosha church, but no Biden supporters are lining up. Only media. This is a very different experience from the President’s visit two days ago,” he said.

The sign was hand painted, and the supporter chanted over and over, “Joe, Joe, Joe” for the media.

“The Media is going to have to start interviewing the other media,” he pointed out, 20 minutes before the historic and much-anticipated event because Biden has made a rapid shift in his earlier stated plan to get to Kenosha, the scene of domestic uprisings in August.

Biden made his way to the state of Wisconcin to meet with the family of a man who had been involved in a police shooting and play politics with the famaily, who has been seoewhat vocal in calling for violence, while claiming that is not what they are doing.

Kenosha is a small town and was victim to massive violent riots, where mobs looted and burned down numderous small business after the shooting.

Trump went to the area to see the destruction for himself and to pledge his administration’s help, giving the state a total of 42 Million dollars for Police, Law Enforcement and Small Business aid.

Joe got out of his house fast and got to Kenosha, in an attempt to show off, meeting with the Blake family.

Trump had said he would like to meet with the family, but would refrain at the time of his visit since the case of Jacob Blake was ongoing. There were reports of a weapons and the situation was unclear.

Two weeks ago, Biden’s wife, Jill Biden had said the team had no plans to campaign in person until after Labor Day, if all all citing Pandemic and health concerns as a reason why the Democrat Presidential hopeful would not be traveling to campaign in person.

Eventually, it was reported that a BLM protester walked into the area, it is unclear if they knew of Biden’s apparence there.

Before the BLM excitement, the block was somewhat empty.

Wisconsin is considered a battleground state for the Nov. 3rd general election. Biden flew to the area to meet with the father of the shooting victim.

“Joe Biden to Meet with Jacob Blake, Sr. in Kenosha Who Has Long History of Racist, Anti-Semitic and Anti-Christian Posts,” Jim Hoft of Gateway pundit said.

President Doanld J. Trump was in the area on Sept 1.
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