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Video of Man Harassing Woman In Target and Shaming Her Because She’s Not Wearing a Mask Goes Viral [VIDEO]

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

The draconian measures Democrat governments have taken over the last year and a half to combat COVID-19 have created a bunch of mask Karens and Kens. (Apologies to any Kens or Karens reading this, as we’re just having fun with it.) These are people who go up to Americans not wearing a mask to publicly confront and shame them.

A video that has gone viral this week reveals a Ken wearing a COVID-19 vaccination pin on his shirt,  intimidating a woman in a Target store because she is not wearing a face mask. And apparently, this man has drank the COVID Kool-Aid, because he believes every gaslight lie told by leftists in our government.

According to Newsweek, Ken stalks the female shopper at a Washington Target store. In the video, the man is seen wearing a mask, but it doesn’t appear that he’s shopping for anything at the moment, since he doesn’t have a cart or any products in his Ken hands.

At one point, the woman asks Ken, “You’re vaccinated?” The man acknowledged that he was indeed vaccinated, and she replies, “Oh you are? Because I already have natural immunity.” At that point, if Ken was anything but a pinhead, he would know that natural immunity is considered better than the protection you get from the vaccine.

The woman shopping at one point in the video gives off the vibe that Ken has been harassing her since prior to the video starting, saying, “You’re not going to follow me around in the store and point at me to people.”

Ken then tells the woman she has to wear a mask because it is a “state regulation.”

“It’s not a law. You’re an idiot,” the woman says, and she’s right. The woman then walked away from him, but the man followed her.

She has a point. The Washington state legislature has not passed any law requiring people to wear a mask. It is through the state’s Department of Health that the order was made. Since the Department of Health is in the Executive branch, I don’t believe they have the authority to create such a rule without the legislature.

Currently, the Washington Department of Health requires that “everyone five years of age and older wear a mask in public indoor settings and at large, outdoor events with 500 or more attendees, including sporting events, fairs, parades, and concerts, regardless of vaccination status.”

Regardless of vaccination status? So then why get vaccinated if they think it doesn’t work well enough that they demand you wear a mask, that epidemiologists tell us doesn’t work, anyway? How come no one in government will address the situation of natural immunity vs wearing a mask?

Another woman shopper tells the man to “leave her alone,” and moves her own shopping cart between the man and the woman shopper he’s harassing, acting as a wall between them. Good for her!

“You got your mask on; you’re safe. I’m sure you’re vaccinated too,” the other woman said to Ken.

He admits he has a so-called “badge” proclaiming he’s vaccinated and then points at the woman taking the video. By now, there is a light crowd watching the incident, including another person who tells Ken to stop harassing her.

This dirtbag then tells everyone watching that they should shame the woman for not wearing a mask.

“It’s all of our job as a community to come together and make sure that people are shamed when they put the rest of us at risk,” the man said in the video that has over 3 million views on various social media platforms, including TikTokTwitter, and YouTube.

He goes on to say that his wife is a doctor who specializes in infectious diseases, and I find that hard to believe since she’s still married to this guy.


The woman tells a store security guy, “He was following me. He won’t leave me alone.”

She then walks away again, but the man continued to stalk her to the register area. He didn’t have any merchandise to pay for, so he was stalking her.

“You’re making a bad decision. You’re a bad American. You’re a bad person for doing this,” the man tells the woman after spending an inordinate amount of time pointing at her.

Who is this jack-o to tell her anything like that? He’s a mask Nazi, that’s who. He wants to force everyone he sees to behave exactly like him. I see a future for him in the Biden administration.

Then the woman says, “I am, I totally am. And I voted for Trump,” just to piss him off. That got a few people cheering her on.

Ken continues to reprimand the woman, “You’re putting the community at risk, you’re a terrible person.”

It wasn’t enough that he badgered her while shopping, he then tells the security guy that he should escort the woman from the building. What a jackass!

Another woman in another checkout line bashes the vaccinated man, “You’re not at risk! C’mon! This is America!” And that’s the point. Leftists don’t believe in American freedoms anymore. We have an entire society of worthless individuals who get their power by trying to force people to do what they want them to do. The point is, if the man is vaccinated and he’s also wearing a mask, then a woman who is not wearing a mask should not worry him at all. But he’s a jackass and he can’t help himself because it makes this loser feel strong by harassing people who aren’t complying with the dictates of an out-of-control government.


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