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VIDEO: “Morning Joe” Scarbrorough Who Laughed About The Death Of His Intern, Agrees USA is S-Hole Under Trump

In past generations, Americans would hear the foreign news and wonder how poor “third world” people could live with violent uprisings, broken governments and domestic terrorism, and be happy to spend summers going to the beach and waving their American flags.

That is an old fashioned idea of America, thanks to the numerous Marxist uprisings around the country recently,  meant to displace President Donald J. Trump and transform our Republic into a socialist utopia. The Socialist transformation has been the fantasy world of the far left Democrats for decades, and they appear to have reached their nirvana, with the declaration that America is the “Third world” now.

In 2018 the left circulated numerous rumors, driven by their powerful outrage culture, that Trump had referred to some of the Democrat’s most beloved Socialist utopias knows as “Third world” and as “Shit holes”.

The far left has never forgiven him, and radical far-left pundit, Joe Scarborough on Tuesday, agreed with his show’s guest that America is now the “S-hole”

Newsbusters reported Tuesday about the discussion on Morning Joe:

“Not that we’ve had much doubt as to how the liberal media looks at the United States. But Eugene Robinson, of the Washington Post and MSNBC, laid it out in the clearest, crudest, terms today. Appearing on Morning Joe, Robinson, commenting on the fact that Canada and the Bahamas are prohibiting the entry of US residents because of America’s ongoing struggle with coronavirus under Trump, said:

“We are pariahs. We are the s-hole country that nobody wants people from. That’s us now.”

The transcript from the show reads:

Watch the video of the interaction  here at NewsBusters:

SCARBOROUGH: But then we were talking, Gene, about getting on a boat and going to the Bahamas, because the Bahamas lets anybody in, lets any American in with money. They’d even let me in. And then, Gene, we can’t even go to the Bahamas. Our money’s not welcome there.

I mean, seriously. Did you ever think, Gene, in all of your years, that the United States of America would be in such a poor condition, a Third World condition when it came to health care and the government’s handling of a pandemic, that we wouldn’t be able to go to other countries?

ROBINSON: It’s just appalling, and shocking, really, that we’re in this position. But this is where we are. We are pariahs. We are, we are the s-hole country that nobody wants people from. That’s us now.

They don’t want our types in Canada. Americans not allowed to go there!

SCARBOROUGH:  Donald Trump’s ignorance of history, Donald Trump’s ignorance of medicine, Donald Trump’s ignorance of epidemiology, Donald Trump’s refusal to listen to his experts have put us in this position.


The lack of self-evaluation on Scarbough’s part is curious, considering his own unethical and creepy behavior in the past.  Scarborough, much like many of today’s leftist media darlings, once passed himself off as a Conservative.

In this video “Morning Joe” laughs with as he talks about why he is no longer a Republican Congressman, laughing along with the show host, who said that it was because he slept with his intern, and then had to kill her.  The truth is that Scarborough did have a Congressional intern, Laurie Klausutis, die in a mysterious way, while in his company and in his office.

Here he is laughing about it with broadcaster Don Imus:



Scarborough’s  wife and co-host, unconcerned with her husband’s creepy behavior, herself a far-left radical activist,  once called for the destruction of Trump’s social media wanting to block discussion about the dead intern:

It is just all very curious behavior for a group of people, who have no ethical superiority over Trump,  who are proponents of big government control and dominance and it should shake us to our consciousness and make us ready to go vote by any means necessary in November.

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