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VIDEO: Massive ‘F–k Cuomo and de Blasio’ mural painted in NYC as ‘Peaceful Protest’

New York City is a city people are fleeing, thanks in good part to the policy demands by very far left Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio, so it is not surprising to find out that for almost 24 hours this weekend, an all-caps, block-length message painted on a #Brooklyn street in yellow contained the rage of #NewYorkCity: “F-k #Cuomo and #deBlasio.

It was done as a protest by a group of small business owners.


In this video is seen someone filming the mural walking along and showing that there was a large gathering of people walking around the area and even crossing over the letters. There are people riding their bikes on the mural, including a young child.

de Blasio had allowed and even protected a mural for Black Lives Matter in front of Trump Tower, as a punishment to President Donald J. Trump for not being a far left radical Democrat.

Numerous people have spilled paint on the BLM mural making viral videos of themselves and their groups defacing the mural and even getting arrested. One resident had a mural for “Babies Lives Matter”. So Large Street Murals of this type are a cultural icon now.

From the New York Post:

The New York Post reported the shout-out to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio  was created around 1 a.m. Saturday at an annual block party that also served as a “small business owner protest.”

“A few partygoers got the idea to paint in huge [letters, using] yellow paint with rollers on North 15th, ‘F–k Cuomo and de Blasio,’” an unidentified attendee said Sunday. “The party continued. Everyone took photos. It was a big hit. The crowds cheered, even the cops chuckled.”

The Department of Transportation covered the street art in black less than 24 hours later around 10 p.m. Saturday.

“They told the partygoers it came from up top and they were told the sign said ‘F–k the police,’” the unidentified attendee reported.

The street art was written in the style of city-sanctioned projects reading “Black Lives Matter” that popped up during summer protests, including one outside of Manhattan’s Trump Tower, which de Blasio was seen personally helping  create and which also has become a vandalism magnet.”

Cuomo and de Blasio have been routinely criticized for their leadership during the coronavirus lockdown and economic fallout.

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