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VIDEO: Joe Biden Makes Stripper Cardi B Sound Brilliant in Interview, Forgets Two Grand kids, Looks Dazed

Joe Biden the Democrat candidate for President, a former Senator, a former Vice President has not had much to say to the media during his lengthy campaign, however on Tuesday he sat down with Pop icon and stripper “Cardi B” to talk about her Marxist dreams, which was a perfect environment for Biden who can’t even remember how many Grandchildren he has.

His first interview after choosing his running mate the Sen. Kamala Harris, the “first black woman” to be Vice President, was with a stripper.  Those optics are … interesting.

Cardi B became famous as a stripper, and is now called a “rapper”, she does have a large social media following and is famous for using extremely graphic language about her bowel movements and her genitals and posting photos of her bottom.

Youtube has quite a few videos of Cardi B in graphic positions, undressed, pole dancing.  Her social media is full of photo of her body, herself drinking wine and singing to her videos with her young daughter, tongue hanging out.

It is curious why she was chosen to interview the Vice Presidential candidate in an appeal to Black women, could it be because she represents the image the party has of Black Women.

Although, of the two of them, Cardi looks like the strong smart one.


The rap artist has a new album and movement out called “WAP” which is pumping a new slogan into the minds of children and youth encouraging them to have parties, take selfies and post as “Wet Ass Pussy’.

Yes. That is who Biden chose as the first interview after announcing his historical Vice Presidential pick, Kamala Harris.

This was Biden’s fist historical interview with a Black woman.

Here is Cardi B talking about how tired she is of “Trump’s mouth”:

“First of all I just want Trump out, his mouth gets us into so much trouble. I don’t want to be lied to,” she said. Cardi B then goes on to talk about defunding the police, free health care and other Marxist ideas.

This is the moral standard-bearer for the Democrat party:

(This is graphic, very graphic. Warning.)




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