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VIDEO: IT Expert Ramsland: Audit in Savannah, Georgia Shows Tabulation Machines Were Sending Results to China

Russell Ramsland and his team of IT experts were the ones hired to check out the voting machines in Antrim County Michigan. That is the county where 3,000 votes for Trump were given to Biden. They found that the machines and their software were set up to facilitate voter fraud. Ramsland concluded that the mathematical probability of the voting was impossible.

Really, you mean Biden getting 570,000 votes to Trump’s 3,200 is unlikely to happen? It is not impossible but the odds of that happening is the same as one person hitting the Powerball jackpot 88 times. So, therefore it is not impossible but I will withhold my judgement until I hit Powerball at least thirty times.


Now, Ramsland has been investigating the voter in Savannah, Georgia and he determined that election results were sent from Dominion machines to China. We were told that was impossible but Ramsland says it is.

Russell Ramsland: It looks like it’s going to prove out to be correct that in Georgia there is a “smart thermostat” that is talking to the tabulations and reporting the votes back to China. And that was traced by a Microsoft engineer and he brought it to our attention yesterday. So that’s being monitored.

Why were results being sent to China? They could get the results from CNN. It is said that the voting could be sent offsite to be altered. At this time there is no proof that happened in this case but we still need to know why it was done. Other than for nefarious reasons would this have been done? It is obvious that China wants Biden to win since they already own him.

They had better gather up all the evidence they can before January 20th in case Biden is declared the winner because he has a history of getting prosecutors fired who are investigating him and his family.

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