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VIDEO: Intel Director Grenell Goes on Warrior Mode, Slams Tapper, Pelosi and Schiff on Bartiromo

Richard Grenell, the acting Director of National Intelligence for President Donald J. Trump, was on Fox News Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo, and talked about the importance of understanding the threat America faces from China, from rouge reporters who published manipulated leaked information, and from US House Representatives like Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff.

Directly after a bold interview where Grenell calls out the danger of leaks from “The Hill” to bad media, he called out Jake Tapper on Twitter for diminishing the threat America faces from China.

Grenell spoke to Bartiromo and said talked about understand the threats American faces, and about being homosexual.


“Trump doesn’t care that I am gay,” Grenell said.


“I had career intelligence officers come to me and tell me they didn’t want to brief Congress anymore because they twist around what they hear, that they [Congress] manipulates and leak out things they hear with partial information and are ruining people’s careers. This has happened on more than one occasion, so think about that. Career intelligence officials are saying that they don’t want to brief the Hill because the Hill and Congress is politicizing their work,”Richard Grenell told Maria Bartiromo, on Sunday.

“The overwhelming number of Career Intelligence officials want to keep the government secrets and work for the government and work for whoever is helping the President. They are not out to get people. However, we have some bad apples who are either current or former officials who are leaking partial information to cheerleading reporters and so what DNI Ratcliffe is doing is trying to solve the leaks. We don’t have a very good intelligence system. And remember that intelligence is an estimate. We do not have a very good intelligence system if people leak partial information for politics. And we are in this situation now where Adam Schiff , Nancy Pelosi and reporters like Jake Tapper push these narratives out that say, Russia Russia Russia,” Grenell said.

“Russia is about Propaganda, and that is what they have been pushing from the very beginning. And everyone should be clear that Russia manipulates information and pushes propaganda. Everyone should be clear that Russia manipulates information. The Chinese are on a completely different level. We have a crisis with the Russian disinformation campaign but the current crisis and situation that we are dealing with that is incredibly serious is the Chinese threat. It is a much higher threat and so what John Ratcliffe is trying to do is solve that problem. I applaud that work,”Grenell said.
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