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VIDEO: Herschel Walker REACTS To Son’s Viral TikToks

Herschel Walker and Christian Walker Credit: CHristian Walker/Twitter

Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker of Georgia reacted to his son’s viral posts on TikTok. Christian Walker is a senior at UCLA and he will graduate with three degrees. He is already earning his money by selling t-shirts with slogans such as  “The Government Can’t Afford My Life$tyle,” “Liberalism Is Ghetto,” and “I Choose Freedom” as well as some Herschel ’22 merchandise.

Christian has been criticized over some of his TikTok posts, but his father NFL legend Herschel Walker defended his right to free speech.

Walker said:

“You want these young Republicans to get involved. You want them to have a voice and speak, and I want Christian to speak whatever he feels, because he’s at an age to do that. But at the same time, you are going to be held to what you do and what you say.”

“Christian is 22 years old, he has to answer for himself, and I answer for him because I love him to death, and the thing is, people don’t know how hard that young man has worked. That young man has made his own money [where] he can get out and do the things that he does. I also help him out a great deal.”

Christian complains in a video about gas prices and liberals jumped on it because he was driving a Range Rover and wearing a $1,900 hoodie. Christian fired back, “I’m sorry that my parents weren’t lazy on the couch all day waiting for handouts.”

From The Daily Caller

Herschel emphasized his pride and love for his son, saying, “I love that little guy — very, very creative. One thing people don’t know is that this little guy can speak three different languages.”

Christian Walker posted a viral video in December 2021, in which he shared his dissatisfaction with the Biden administration’s economic agenda amid soaring gas prices.

“Y’all said Joe Biden was going to be the great unifier? This is divisive to my bank account and my hard-earned money. Screw your unity,” said Christian Walker, as the cost of filling up his tank neared $100. “Democrats voted for this.”

Christian has grown in popularity on the right for his skits and monologues as he seeks to engage conservative-oriented members of Gen Z through comedy. As a cultural critic, Christian has emphasized the pervasiveness of pornography to young men, slammed pop and rap music for its obscene and misogynistic language and argued against racial essentialism. His TikTok and Instagram Live videos often show him launching into a fiery diatribe about the destructiveness of left-wing policies, then calmly rolling down the window to order his morning coffee at the Starbucks drive-through.


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