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VIDEO: Gun Shots Outside of White House Exactly as Journalists Push Trending #InterruptTrump

Monday there was a shooting at the White House, while some members of the press were attending a press conference with President Donald J. Trump,  and the Secret Service shot someone who was removed from the area and taken to the hospital.

Trump was speaking at a Press Conference talking about he Doj Jones numbers when he was interrupted and they abruptly left the press room, leading to speculation that there were gunshots, which was later confirmed.

When he was cleared to return to the press room, Trump said, “There was a shooting and the suspect was on the way to the hospital,” Trump said to the Press Pool.  One Jounrliast ask him if he was rattled, and he said, “I don’t know, do I looked rattled?  This is the nature of our world now.  The Secret Serice is great. They just wanted to make sure everything was cleared outside. I didn’t think about not coming back. I want to get back to talking to the news. It was just one person.  The shooting was near the outside of the premise.  I want to get back to talking about the Dow Jones,” Trump said.

Ironically, at the exact same time social media was trending with the hashtag #Interupt Trump, full of encouragement that the media personally attack the President during his press conference.

Don Wilson made a video and posted that people should attack Trump:


Numerous left leading activist/journalists joined in:

After Trump returned and answered a few questions he resumed his presser and said Secret Service would update the media about the shooting later.

And Wilson was back posting

Without missing a beat…

This story is developing…

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