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Video Game Used For War Footage: Where Is The Oversight Over Uneducated ‘Deep State’?

A former Clinton advisor made a tragic and humiliating mistake on TV, and then tried to cover it up without explanation-  and it begs the question- what oversight do we have over the bureaucratic state who pushes fake news- which shapes public opinion to pass public policy, and, and exposes us all to enforcement of laws that they -themselves- do not follow?

Many of the members are the ‘deep state’ are well past retirement age, and yet they rule over our youth, and working men and women who are trying to survive in a world of technological advances and virtues that so many of our elderly – simply could not ever fathom would exist.

Yet there they are- masters of the universe and in charge of narratives, we all have to live with.

And it could be considered pretty dangerous when they are talking about things that affect the life and death of innocent people.

The Daily Mail reported on 79-year-old contributor, a retired four-star general who made an epic error on TV.

Daily Mail reported: 

“MSNBC contributor and retired four-star general Barry McCaffrey deletes tweet showing Russian plane ‘getting nailed’ by Ukraine that’s from a VIDEO GAME

  • Four-star general Barry R. McCaffrey’s gaffe did not go unnoticed, with some pointing out at the mistake by the former Clinton advisor
  •  The animation shared by McCaffrey was actually from Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) footage from the video game ‘Arma 3’ 

A decorated retired Army General and MSNBC contributor unknowingly shared footage of a video game and claimed it was a Russian plane being shot down by Ukraine before quickly deleting the Tweet when he was corrected.

‘Russian aircraft getting nailed by UKR missile defense. Russians are losing large numbers of attack aircraft. UKR air defense becoming formidable,’ McCaffrey wrote in a now-deleted Tweet.

McCaffrey was informed by a Twitter user that ‘what [McCaffrey mentioned] is actually happening. But this not footage of such action,’ Fox News reported.

The retired Army general proceeded to reply ‘Ok,’ and delete the Tweet, according to the outlet.

‘MSNBC/NBC analyst and retired four-star U.S. general sharing video game footage, claiming it shows real-life combat in Ukraine,’ National Journalism Center Director and Washington Examiner contributor Becket Adams tweeted.

Adams pointed out that the description of the animation contained the hashtag #Arma3.

‘I, uh, have some concerns. Of all people, you’d think a retired general with four combat tours and three purple hearts under his belt would have *some* idea regarding what this stuff really looks like. the video was clearly animated,’ he added.

McCaffrey is a paid analyst for NBC News and MSNBC. He often voiced his condemnation of the Trump administration when he was president.

In 2018, he made headlines when he accused Trump of being a threat to national security by not being strongly opposed to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

‘It is apparent that he is for some unknown reason under the sway of Mr. Putin,’ McCaffrey told MSNBC at the time.

McCaffrey also compared Trump to Benito Mussolini over the decision by the administration to order federal agencies to cancel subscriptions to The New York Times and The Washington Post in 2019.

The retired Army General served under President Bill Clinton as the director of the National Drug Control Policy and was a professor at the United States Military Academy.

For his service in the Vietnam War, he received three Purple Heart medals, two distinguished Service Crosses and two Silver Stars.

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