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VIDEO: Democrat Community Organizer and Mayor Candidate Used Fake News and Fake Kidnapping as Campaign Tactics

A woman running for mayor in Sumter, South Carolina now faces criminal charges after police say she staged her own kidnapping and beating to get “publicity, sympathy and votes in the November election.”

Belcher had aspirations of being Sumter’s first Black female Mayor and has a background of being a Community Organizer.

She posted her fake crimes and fake news, as a Cmapgin tactic, online. In the Video Belcher is recorded talking and then crying and in distress as hands grab her and beat her.

She screams, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry… please.. I have kids” as a male voice tells her to get out of the car. The male, who is not on screen yells and opens the door and grabs Belcher. The screen is dark and in the background is a car alarm. The male is hitting Belcher with something that appears to be a bat, and using profane language, and breaking a window or making sounds to appear to be violent.  Belcher looks at the camera directly a few times, her shirt ripped. She cries and is very upset, her nose running, her face appearing to be swollen.


“Belcher hired Christopher James Eaddy to hit her and break the windows in her car while recording the attack on Facebook Live, according to arrest warrants,” The Washington Times reported.

Sabrina Belcher was arrested after she carried out the stunt on Facebook live, police say, with help from 34-year-old Christopher Eaddy.

“This was simply an effort to create disorder and discontent in our community for personal gain,” Sumter Police Chief Russell Roark said. “As a result, a valuable number of resources, including personnel, man-hours of the police department as well as local medical professionals, were wasted based on false information.”

Eaddy was charged with conspiracy and filing a false police report for a felony.





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