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VIDEO: Christians Pray Over NYPD Police Officers During Worship Event

A large gathering of Christians in Washington Square Park in New York City prayed for protection over the NYPD officers surveying the event on Saturday.

The event was hosted by Sean Feucht – a California-based worship leader who has been holding “Let Us Worship” events across the nation since July. In a Twitter post, he wrote that during the event, they felt led “to pray and read scripture over the NYPD officers”.

“Father, we pray for protection,” a man in the video prayed over the officers. “We pray for the love of God. We pray for the mercy of God. Lord, we pray for this nation. Lord, where there’s tension with the officers and the people, that you would tear down those walls…”

Feucht began hosting “Let Us Worship” events in July after California Governor Gavin Newsom banned singing at indoor worship services as a COVID-19 preventative. Several churches in California have filed lawsuits against the Governor for the ban and for continuing to prevent churches from meeting in-person, arguing it is an infringement on their First Amendment rights granted by the Constitution.

What initially began as an initiative in California has expanded into the Northwest states and to the East coast. The “Let Us Worship” events have gathered hundreds of Christians at once in key cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle.

The events are being tagged “Riots to Revival.” At the same time Feucht has been leading hundreds of Christians in peaceful gatherings of prayer and worship, protestors and rioters have caused great damage to cities nationwide. Seeing the destruction and chaos that this summer has wreaked on America’s cities, Feucht began using these events to call the locals of cities together in unity, to pray and worship over their cities to combat the current violence.

A prayer of protection over NYPD officers on Saturday night is a direct reflection of how Christians at these events have been responding to the current cultural discord – with a spirit of hope, reconciliation, and love.

The gathering in Washington Square saw a diverse crowd of people worshipping together in peace. There were salvations and re-dedications to Christ, and people were baptized in the fountain.

“The spirit of revival crashed into the heart of NYC!” wrote Sean Feucht in a Facebook post, accompanied by an artistic video of the entire event. “Salvations broke forth, deliverance from oppression and fear and suicide, prayer with the NYPD officers, dozens of baptisms in the iconic fountain and just SOO. MUCH. JOY.”

Feucht will continue traveling the nation hosting these events, with upcoming stops in Washington State, Oregon, California, and Colorado before he continues to Midwest states.

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