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Video: Car Across From US Supreme Court Set on Fire, 1 in Custody

What was first identified as a Police car, and later identified as a SCOTUS vehicle,  was fully engulfed in fire on Wednesday as news crews posted that the car was so damaged that it was unclear if the car belonged to the US Capitol Police or to the Supreme Court Police.

Fox is told a police cruiser was set on fire intentionally by Supreme Court across from the Capitol. Fox is told the cruiser, either belonging to US Capitol Police or the Supreme Court Police was parked and was set on fire.,” Chad Perram reported. 

An Eyewitness posted on Twitter a video shows a car that is on fire, simultaneously, in unrelated parts of the car, with large billows of grey smoke surrounding the car, in the parking area directly to the left of the Supreme Court building in Washington DC as a police cruiser moves out of the direct area.


“Fox is told the police car intentionally set on fire is on Maryland Ave., NE just outside the Supreme Court. Fox is told 1 person in custody. Minor injuries. No other injuries to officers reported. Fox is told the suspect was seen setting the cruiser on fire,” Pergram said. 

Am told the suspect appears to have burned himself when setting the police cruiser on fire, outside the Supreme Court, near the Capitol, with gasoline or some other flammable liquid. The cruiser was parked. Unclear if it’s USCP or SCOTUS police,” according to Pergram. 

Local reporters said that the suspect has sustained 2 and 3rd degree burns over 30% of his body, and been transferred to a hospital.

Eyewitness, Melissa Barrera said, “There are witnesses who say they saw someone drop something in the car and run away, and there’s apparently someone badly burned next to the car who police said they think poured gasoline on the car. But that’s a good point! I only saw the explosions.” 

As the story started to come together.   reported the car was a US Supreme Court vehicle.

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