It was supposed to be so simple. You grab the purse off the table and you run away.

But, one purse snatcher learns that it just isn’t that easy. He grabbed a purse off the table and ran down the street. But the grandmother who owned the purse got mad, kicked off her shoes, and gave chase.

She caught him less than a block away and slammed him to the ground before he knew what was happening to him.

She got her purse back.

According to Australia’s Seven News, the incident took place outside the Pimpama Tavern on Australia’s Gold Coast on Jan. 19. Surveillance footage shows the entire incident.

That purse snatcher will be afraid to face his buddies in crime after they see how easily a granny took him down. Next time he should bring a bodyguard with him. It could have been worse. Granny could have taken a few minutes to beat the crap out of him instead of just walking away.

In the video, you can see that once she slammed her assailant to the ground, she put him in a headlock until she could recover her purse.

Neither the purse snatcher nor the victim was identified.

From The Blaze

The suspect then gets into a white truck and leaves the scene.

The woman, who was out celebrating her birthday, suffered cracked ribs, cuts, and bruises as a result of the scuffle.

Starts at 60 reported that the woman is a grandmother to at least 10 grandchildren.

Queensland Police were able to locate the suspect and arrest him on robbery charges.

You can watch the exchange in the video below.