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Domestic Terrorism

Video: Black female mobs attacking others in airports across America simply because…Why?


Since March, Black Lives Matter has been rioting in the streets over social injustice. And now blacks are boldly attacking others on the streets and airports just because they upset th

The Democratic party and progressives have failed to call out BLM for the domestic terrorists that they are. Now blacks feel empowered to attack whoever they want whenever they want.

Where is the mainstream media condemning these actions?

In this first video, a group of black girls got upset with the Spirit airline employees who announced their flight was going to be delayed.

No one likes it when their flight is delayed, but the actions of these black ladies are unjustified.

Recently some blacks seem to think that attacking others when they are unhappy with something is justified. But no one can look at this video and condone these actions.

Another video has also surfaced with a mob of black girls attacking a white couple in an airport because they weren’t wearing a mask.

First, you see them bickering with each other before the black mob attacks the white lady in the baggage claim area.

How many white people do you see acting like this? If these incidents were white people attacking black people over doing their job or not wearing a mask it would be all over the news. They would be calling these mobs racist. They would be saying look at how these whites are acting because of President Trump.

Can we say the same about these black girls? Should their actions be considered racist? Can we blame their actions on the racist Democratic party for condoning and justifying their behavior?

It’s time for our representatives and conservatives to speak out against this behavior. Parents need to teach their kids proper behavior and how to respect other human beings. And if you behave like this, you need to know that you will be held accountable.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Lisa king

    July 17, 2020 at 7:54 pm

    People like these in the video are emboldened by state and local governments taking away consequences for things like this. Add to that the black history museum stating in their “whiteness” chart you should not respect authority.

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