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VIDEO: Biden’s Senior Campaign Advisor, Anita Dunn, Worships Brutal Mao Tse Tung, Media Swamp Exposed

Democrat politicians are allowed to have connections to Marxist and Communist leaders and apply deceitful powerseeking tactics that history’s most murderous tyrants used to control impoverished populations, without any comments by Democrat voters confounding other Americans who are fearful of the very regimes that Democrat politics idolize.

For example, Anita Dunn, who is the PR agent behind many Democrat candidates and their campaigns,  is well known around Washington DC for her decades-long admiration of a murderous Communist Dictator, one who instilled fear and dominance in the hearts of people he did not have killed, to control them.

Dunn is the former chief media strategist for former President Barack H. Obama who listed Chinese communist dictator and mass murderer, Mao Tse Tung, as one of her favorite political philosophers who she is recorded admiring so much that  “I turn to most … to figure out how to do things that have never been done before.”

Dunn’s fingerprints are on some of the most brazenly deceitful cases of sexual harassment, in American history.

Dunn has been accused by Tara Reade of harassment after Reade made sexual harassment allegations against Presidential hopeful, Democrat Joe Biden. Dunn destroyed Reade’s reputation, according to Reade.

Dunn is still active in controlling the media messaging for the Biden/Harris campaign as an employee of  Time’s Up Now is a nonpartisan and not-for-profit advocacy and political arm of TIME’S UP,  who recently published an article about controlling the narrative around Kamala Harris, showing the Communist tactics of how so many pro-Communist PR agents in DC address the media, with threats:

“In the face of sexist and racist attacks, we unequivocally have Harris’s back – and we have other women candidates’ backs, too. Through our ‘We Have Her Back’ campaign, we are calling on the media to stamp out the kind of unfair coverage, double standards, and coded language that have held women – and especially women of color – from positions of power, across party lines, for far too long.”

In the ear of #MeToo, that is a veiled threat.

Dunn was promoted to Senior Advisor for the Biden Presidential campaign, proving that Biden’s campaign will reward ruthless tactics.

Dunn is also the architect of the awkward denial that her boss Biden wanted Obama’s endorsement  saying “He [Biden] did feel that he needed to go out and earn it himself, as opposed to having people see it as an extension of a third Obama term or having it be any kind of referendum directly on Obama.” 

People in DC have known of the following video for a long time.  Watch Anita Dunn talk about the foundation of her PR tactics being the ruthless Mao Tse Tung:

Today the Times Up article promoting and protecting Harris should be seen as an abuse of non-profit tax status, and should very much blur the lines of responsible journalism, as well as cast some doubt on the entire “Me Too” movement and how those players control the media narrative, disallowing for a Free Press and unduly influencing voters with Communist syle propaganda.


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