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VIDEO: 13 People Shot During Gunfight at Peoria Riverfront at 4:40 AM — Police Called in to Protect the Injured

Another crazy night in an Illinois progressive city! With some of the toughest gun laws on the books, the land of Lincoln should have seen a drop in shooting and deaths, but not the case. Instead has one of the highest numbers of shootings and deaths by gun, in the USA.

Chicago’s Southside is in the news frequently, with massive numbers each weekend, but Peoria, in south Illinois caught the media’s attention Sunday morning.

Via Gateway Pundit

At least 13 people were shot early Sunday morning on the riverfront in Peoria, Illinois.

ABC7 reported:

A man who was shot in the neck and a woman who was shot in the back are both in serious condition.

Eleven other victims were also treated for gunshot wounds at local hospitals, police said.

A video was posted of the shooting on Sunday morning.

The shooting broke out after a fight but that is not clear from the video.
There were reportedly around 200 people at the riverfront at the time of the shooting at 4:45 AM.

Kristopher Jacobs posted video from the shooting.

Sad and no end in sight. I asked a young man from a family of LA gang members in it, how can I and others help out people living in these war zones? He said they don’t want any help from a white guy. They have their own justice system, if you take out one of us, we take you out plus some.

The rap music promotes drugs, prostitution, and cop killing, the urban schools are teaching systemic racism is against them, and generational expectation of government assistance, keeps groups of youth running the streets. So if “they” don’t want help from outside ethnicities, it will take a group of strong leaders to get their communities pursing the American dream again, until then, be careful when visiting IL.

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