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Vanita Gupta Supports $15 Minimum Wage While Family Business Pays Mexicans $1.30 an Hour

Joe Biden’s nominee Vanita Gupta, for the associate Attorney General job advocates for the $15 dollar an hour minimum wage, which is funny since her family business that has made her extremely wealthy pays it’s workers $1.30 an hour. And what did her family business sell that made them a fortune? Their company previously made a component that sold acetic anhydride to Mexican cartels, a chemical used to make “high-grade ‘china white’ heroin and methamphetamine.

They currently make car parts and they pay their employees $1.30 an hour for a fifty-hour week. Should the US pass a $15 an hour minimum wage, it will drive many more companies to Mexico in order to save big time on labor costs. And it seems to me that would benefit any auto parts companies already established in Mexico. Ford just announced they are moving one of their manufacturing plants to Mexico.

Gupta’s family business paid an effective rate of 3% in corporate taxes last year while the corporate rate is 21%. Their company also lists business interests in China making her one of a gazillion Biden nominees with financial ties to China. Gupta’s ownership share in her family business is worth between 11  and 55 million in stock. That makes her one of the wealthiest nominees that Joe Biden has.

While serving as President and CEO of The Education Fund in 2018, Gupta made the case for a $15 dollar an hour minimum wage:

“Raising wages is a moral question: do we value the people who are the engine of our economy or not? The answer must be yes.”

“The majority of people who would benefit from the policy changes we recommend are women, especially women of color, who are overrepresented in the low-wage workforce. The first-hand stories in this report capture the day-to-day struggles of minimum wage life while underscoring the importance of providing better opportunities for low-income communities.”

From Breitbart News

Aptiv’s business priorities seem to fail the nominee’s own example of paying “women of color” an honest wage. According to the report, “Other positions currently advertised by the company include a full-time general operator job that pays $290 a month and a production line operator position that pays $274 a month.”

In addition to compensating its Mexican labor force below what Gupta believes is a “livable wage,” the corporation also advertises “a major manufacturing base and strong customer relationships” in China, according to SEC filings. The SEC filings also reveal Gupta’s family company paid a “3 percent effective tax rate last year.”

Gupta is just one more liberal hypocrite.

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