Several Valley leaders, including Fresno congressmen Jim Costa and TJ Cox, announced their opposition to letters sent to local employers by the Social Security Administration that the officials say are targeting undocumented workers.

Conservative Journalist, Ben Bergquam of KGED 1680 Talk Radio & FrontlineAmerica.com, was kicked out by security while trying to report on a press conference Tuesday afternoon. The press conference was held by several San Joaquin leaders that oppose President Trump’s reinstatement of the United States Social Security Administration’s “no-match” letters program. This program requires the Social Security office to report W-2’s where the name and the Social Security number do not match. These Valley Representatives believe this unfairly targets illegal immigrants and want to protect them over Americans and American jobs.

The other part of this story is, an American citizen and journalist tried to attend the press conference to ask questions and they were thrown out of the press conference by security. Why is it that these Democrat Representatives care more about illegals coming into our country, breaking laws & lying to our government and yet they don’t care about American citizens rights. They don’t care about answering to their American citizens. This is what’s wrong with the Democrat party today.


Source: Valley leaders gather to oppose Social Security letters targeting undocumented workers