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Utopia Achieved: Liberal Santa Humiliates and Censors Child Over Toy Choice, then Real Santa Turns it all Around

A mother’s nightmare Christmas has come true, after undoubtedly trying to make happy childhood memories for her children, after standing in line, attending to a toddler, and convincing her harried children to trust in Santa so she can snap a photo that represents he son’s childhood optimism and hope for joy in the season, Santa crushes her child’s self-esteem from across a table covered with fake presents, and leaves him an exhausted sobbing mess.

A video has emerged that proves that Leftists are heartless and mean people, and can’t be responsible for offering moments of happiness to little children who only want to talk about toys.

Seen in the video below is a Mom who has convinced her young boy to talk to Santa; he is seen twisting his facemask around his fingers, obviously feeling hesitant to be there, and shy about telling Santa that he doesn’t know what he wants for Christmas.

“What do you want for Christmas?” After a little prodding from “Santa” to open up and trust him, to confess his deepest desires for a gift. “Come on, you can tell me,” he says, and the child tells the mean, fat old elf that he would like some Nerf Guns.

And Santa barks, “no!”. The Mother carrying her other child comes over and say, “Nerf Guns”.


“No guns,” said the Santa harshly. “No, not even a NERF gun.”

The suddenly shocked child looked toward his mother, confused and hurt.

“Nope,” continued the Santa. “If your dad wants to bring it to you, that’s fine, but I can’t bring it to you.”

The Santa asked what else the child would like and suggested other toys such as Legos or a bicycle.

“What do you think?” said Santa who immediately receive an answer.

“What do you think?” he pressed the child.

The child attempted to hold it together but soon broke down into tears. His mother walked over to comfort the boy as the mall Santa urged that it’s okay if the boy’s father wants to bring him one. She has to place her even young daughter on a seat to watch from a distance while her mother comforts her sobbing brother.

“Aw.. it’s ok, it’s ok,” Santa tells the exhausted and stressed child in a patronizing tone, moving on to the next child without concern for the child.

What a complete and disrespectful Santa.

Matt Walsh, who posted the original video posted a happy message from the “Real Santa” for the young boy. The “Real Santa” said he would be happy to fill up the boy’s house and garage with Nerf Guns.

We may be able to trun this thing around. Hopefully the family will get the message from Real Santa.

And that is how Conservative Santa rolls. This story is developing and we will be following details as they emerge.

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