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Race Relations

US Woke SJW “Karen’s” Grasp Reaches Past Trinidad, Kentucky Fried Chicken Pulls Ad

An advertisement for Kentucky Fried Chicken Drumstick caused chaos on social media for being “racist” until people realized it was made by brown people of Trinidad and not White people of the United States, and then there was chaos about who should be offended and why, in the end the ad was pulled and everyone was confused.

People were having fun with the ad until the grievance culture started to make demands, and the company then retracted the ad and apologized.

“KFC has apologised for ads posted on social media on Emancipation Day which drew negative responses from followers.

In a brief statement posted to its Facebook page later in the day, the fast food restaurant acknowledged that it may have gotten it wrong and apologised for any offence caused. The posts have since been removed,” reported.

KFC’s statement read:

At KFC Trinidad, we always strive to recognise our nation’s multicultural history and make up, and to play our part in recongising it.

Our intention was to support and recognise the importance of this historically significant event. We recognise that our posts commemorating Emancipation Day drew some negative responses.

Clearly, we got it wrong and we want to unreservedly apologise for the offence caused.

As a result, we are reviewing the approval process of all of our communications to avoid situations like this reoccurring.

Here is the ad:

Responses on Twitter ranged in response:

“In case y’all didn’t realize, the website says (the .tt means Trinidad and Tobago). This would of been made by Caribbean people and is right up their alley for a sense of humor in Trinidad. Now if this ad been made in USA or Europe, then yes it’d be racist,” said one poster on Twitter. 

Others agreed that it was funny, and good humor was displayed by others who normally would have been marching on DC demanding all sorts of things:

The whole thing is so complex.

Woke Social Justice Warriors responded with demands:

There was anger directed at Caucasians.


Perhaps no one should say a thing- ever, about anything.

Many people do not understand why Chicken is racist, but White Supremacists are brought up.

White women from Canada chimed in to virtue signal.

Remember, it’s racist to say Black people like Kentucky Fried Chicken.


Whew.. just everyone chill. Because Lord only knows what is going to happen NOW, Round 2? :

This story is developing.

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