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US State Dept. Ignores Detained US Journalist- Switzerland Not So Nice

Jack Posobiec and his team were briefly detained without explanation in Davos, Switzerland on Monday, where the World Economic Forum has kicked off its annual conference. The chances are that powerful forces at the “Great Reset” Conferences- which will likely usher in a global Communist movement for the world- do not appreciate the criticism of their  Communist utopia.

“Filming outside Got questioned by plainclothes, gave passports and press creds, nbd Later took break to charge equipment WEF Stasi unit rolls up out of nowhere with MP5s drawn Whole crew including myself frisked behind building They left when SavSays showed up & started filming”

Tuesday, after being detained, Posobiec agreed with another journalist who speculated the world might be a better place without the World Economic Forum (WEF}.

One reader speculated that the Swiss Government’s intervention on the Americans could have been “because they are not accredited. In a police state, journalists are to get their approval from the local authority in regards to what they should and should not report.”

A video of the Monday situation went viral on social media:

On the video the female officer who was interacting with a female member of Posobiec’s affirmed that Posobiec was being detained.

Davos police can be seen surrounding Posobiec of Human Events, along with his crew. The policewoman in plain clothes asked her to stop filming.

The policewoman said “We’re just making a normal police patrol, because you know, it’s WEF…”

“Is there a reason he specifically was targeted?” the woman asked.

“There is a reason, because we have to have a reason to control a person.”

When asked what the reason was, the policewoman said “I don’t have to tell you.


So, where is the US State Department? Are they going to ask why this happened? The answer is- almost 24 hours later- NO. It appears they are ignoring the situation. The US State Department has said nothing at all.

Here is what happened on Monday as “Jack Posobeic” was trending on social media, according to Posobiec:

Update (1753ET): Posobiec has detailed what went down, via TPUSA.

“The World Economic Forum under Klaus Schwab has its own paramilitary police force called the World Economic Forum Police,” he said.

“Two minivans full of officers, essentially a quick reaction force pop up, everybody storms out, they’ve got MP5s, one of the guys is flagging me… and then each of us was taken, the entire crew – one by one – behind the building and behind this stack of tables, and we were made to empty our pockets, and we were frisked,” Posobiec continued.

The police were identified as Canton Police of Graubuenden, Switzerland. One poster on social media asked: “Why are they wearing “WEF Police” badges?”.  Great question.

Posobeic investigated:

After the detainment:

By Tuesday morning the video was marked, “sensitive”.


“Notice the rhetoric shift Now both the NY Times Editorial Board and Henry Kissinger at the WEF are both calling for a negotiated peace for Ukraine even it it means ceding territory to Russia”

Global Communism Is:

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