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US Reps Demand: ‘This is the Hill to Die On, We Want Barr to Do a Forensic Audit of the Election’

Reps Andy Biggs (R-AZ), Jody Hice (R-GA), & other members of House Freedom Caucus called on AG Barr to release the findings of investigations into allegations of 2020 election fraud, in an impassioned plea for him to do his job and investigate their claims, which began before the election.

“Barr says there isn’t enough evidence to turn over the election. We don’t let people off for only trying to murder someone,” Rep. Louie Gohmert said.

“It’s time for accountability and justice for those who attempted to subvert our Constitution and the rule of law. We have been waiting patiently for the Durham findings, but we must have answers, transparency, and a day of reckoning,” Rep. Andy Biggs said.

“This is not a hill to die on, this is THE hill to die on,” Rep. Jody Hice said.

“We have been asking for the Attorney General to do something about protecting the integrity of the 2020 Presidential election, and now there is a fraud because people have not done their jobs. The rise and fall of the United States will fall on Barr and Druahm and save this little experience in self-government, and that is our message to the guys at the top, do your job!” Rep. Louie Gohmert from Texas said.

“The only way we will know is if they have federal investigators in now and do an audit. Votes were counted in secret, and we want to know why; we implore you, Barr, to work on this. American is the longest-serving democracy in the world, and it is the gold standard in the world; if we can not do it here, how can we help the world. The evidence of the fard that went on is glaring. We have had 45 Presidents with a peaceful transfer of power. China is offering a different kind of government to people around the world, and we do want that. We called on William Barr before the election, and a month ago. We asked him so that we can rely on the integrity of the election. They are created by people who have the ultimate power. Our authority comes from the people. We call on the Department of Justice to do something, and we are running out of time. We need Mr. Barr and the DOJ, FBI, and Christopher Wray to investigate,” Rep Andy Barr said.

“If they won’t, then I am afraid for the future of America,” Biggs said.

“Barr is capable and qualified, and he has what he needs to do the job, but he is missing in action,” Biggs said. “There are seven states that are battlegrounds with lawsuits, but we need the DOJ,” he said. “Each state has a different method for solving the problems. Count every legal ballot. The GOP and the Media and Cable networks won’t do their jobs either,” several representatives said.

Barr had made a statement earlier in the week that the FBI did not have any evidence of enough fraud to overturn the election.

Trump’s legal team says he is not looking at the fraud they are presenting.

President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr had a “contentious,” lengthy meeting inside the West Wing this week after Barr told The Associated Press in an interview that the Justice Department had uncovered no evidence of fraud that would change the election outcome, one person familiar with the meeting who spoke on the condition of anonymity told CNN.

It is unclear what Barr’s response wil be.

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