The economy is booming. This past Christmas I traveled Hwy 5 from northern California to Southern California across the farming plain. For the first time since we have made this trip, we saw new crops and people working the farms all the way down. We were amazed at the difference this President has made.

In this article it revealed,

“U.S. employers dramatically stepped up their hiring in December, adding 312,000 jobs in an encouraging display of strength for an economy in the midst of a trade war, slowing global growth and a partial shutdown of the federal government.

The Labor Department said Friday that the unemployment rate rose slightly to 3.9 percent, but that reflected a surge in jobseekers— a positive for growth.

Average hourly pay improved 3.2 percent from a year ago, up from average wage growth of 2.7 percent at the end of 2017.”

“People should not get used to numbers like the one we saw this month,” said Martha Gimbel, director of economic research at the jobs site Indeed. “Eventually, job growth is going to start slowing down. When that happens, we shouldn’t panic.”

This is what it looks like when you have a successful businessman run our government. It has been a long time since we have seen an economy like this. We are also now the largest exporter of oil in the world. We could also be the largest exporter of natural gas once we build the infrastructure for it. President Trump has also got China to buy rice from the US. Trump is about Americans first. #winning.

UAF Contributor: Marie Penetranti


Source: US employers added a stellar 312,000 jobs in December