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US Census Bureau Says California and New York Lose House Seats While Florida and Texas Pick Up Seats and More

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

Here’s something the Left won’t brag about. When you run your state with bad policies that make people so angry, depressed, or fearful of what their future will look like, there are consequences. Part of the consequences is people vote with their feet. They move out of your state and head to states that make life worth living in. In other words, people leave high-taxed, high regulation states for low-taxed, low regulation states. There are a number of other reasons, but those are the top two for people deciding where to live.

If the number of people leaving or moving into your state continues to grow, there are political consequences as well.

For example, Florida and Texas are set to gain congressional seats during the decennial redistricting process, and California and New York are going to each lose one congressional seat, according to the US Census Bureau.

On Monday, the Census Bureau released the decennial state population and congressional apportionment totals. This is the report that outlines how many districts each state will have for the next ten years. This means the red states are going to have more seats, while the blue states will have fewer. Since the number of congressional seats in a state is based on how many people live in the state, gaining and losing populations helps or hurts a state’s representation.

And that’s not all. The data also determines the number of Electoral College votes each state will have until 2032, and determines how federal grant money is distributed to each state for schools, roads, and other stuff.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and former President Donald Trump’s attempt to exclude non-citizens from the census count, which he ultimately failed to do, the report was delivered on Monday instead of its scheduled date back in December.

During the bureau’s presentation, they revealed that the official US population is now 331,449,281. Southern and Western states grew faster than midwest and northeast states.

Florida will get one additional congressional seat upping its total to 28 and 30 electoral votes.

Thanks to the number of Americans escaping California, Texas will get two additional congressional seats, upping its total to 38 and its number of electoral votes jumps up to 40.

Colorado, Montana, North Carolina, and Oregon are all set to add one congressional seat. Montana doubled its number of seats from one to two and Democrats are hoping that will give them a chance to compete there, but it will all depend on how the districts are drawn.

Republicans will have the advantage in the redistricting. In states like Florida, North Carolina, and Texas, Republicans have total control over the process of redistricting to 84 seats that could be in play.

Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia each lost a seat this time around. This is being blamed on slow population growth.

Unlike in Montana, where there is a bipartisan commission to draw its redistricting, Colorado has an independent commission doing their gerrymandering with the hopes of being less partisan. Ha!

Though Democrats control the gerrymandering process in Oregon, they reached an agreement with Republicans to give them more say in the process. Ha!

For the first time in its history as a state, California is going to lose a seat thanks to all the people who escaped to Texas. Texans are just hoping and praying that now that those transplants found a better home, they don’t vote the same way they did in California. “Don’t California my Texas!” David Harris Jr is heard saying from time to time. That’s what happens when your governor is a jerk. California is the wealthiest and poorest state in the union, with nearly a quarter of its residents living in poverty.

New York is also about to lose a congressional seat, dropping its number of congressional seats from 29 to 28. And no, the rumor this is happening because of all the coronavirus deaths on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s watch is not true. It’s because the political leadership in that state is so awful too many people voted with their feet and moved to Florida. “Don’t New York my Florida!” says Dan Bongino from time to time.

This data that was released is the preliminary outlook with the more detailed counts for redistricting coming sometime in September. All eyes are on the House as the Democrats have the thinnest majority in modern history. How the states with changes do their redistricting could tip the balance of power in the house. Wouldn’t it be great if the Republicans took back the majority in the House do that they can block many of the god-awful things the Biden administration and congressional Democrats are trying to do?

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