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US Army Announces Punishments For Unvaccinated Soldiers That Will Harm Military Preparedness

US Army soldiers who continue to be unvaccinated and have not invoked an exemption or have had their exemption requests and appeals denied will be allowed to continue to serve despite the Army’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, but they will be barred from reenlistment or promotions for the remainder of their current contracts for service.

How nice of the tyrants of the Biden administration. [sarcasm]

It’s not right how they treat the men and women of our armed forces, the very people who are the reason we remain free despite the tyranny over our freedoms by the same Democratic Party that is treating them like cattle. You will be branded or else.

A November 16 memo that was released by Army Secretary Christine E. Wormuth and lays out how our military will dish out punishments for soldiers who wish to have the freedom to decide what medicines enter into their own body. The Army Secretary authorized commanders to flag soldiers.

Soldiers who refuse to obey what I and many others consider an unlawful order, and who do not have an approved waiver or are not friends of a Democrat politician, will not be immediately thrown out of the service, but as punishment, their military careers will be stalled at their current ranks and they will not be allowed to re-up their service beyond their current contract timeline.

What’s happening is so surreal, it’s almost as if we are waiting for the Hand of God to come in and fix all the evils brought by the Democratic Party upon our country. They are now allowing a vaccine mandate for a virus that has a 99 percent survival rate to affect our military readiness and put our national security at risk.

Soldiers will not be issued awards or decorations and they won’t be allowed to attend military or civilian schools. They can’t receive bonuses or take on command positions. In other words, the military is setting out to demoralize troops who think for themselves. I see it as the Biden administration’s way of getting rid of the soldiers who will not act like Yes Men.

“The Soldier will remain flagged until they are fully vaccinated, receive an approved medical or administrative exemption, or are separated from the Army,” Wormuth wrote.

She also wrote, “In conjunction with this policy, I authorize commanders to impose bars to continued service, under the provisions of AR 601-280, for all soldiers who refuse the mandatory vaccine order without an approved exemption or pending exemption request.”

The memo hits both active and reserve units of the Army, and the National Guard.

It’s like advertising to our enemies that a significant portion of our military service members have been demoralized and humiliated.

Wormuth said soldiers to do not bend the knee to the policy will remain flagged.

Read the whole memo here:

Not so fast. Prior to the memo being released, the newly appointed Oklahoma Nation Guard Adjutant General Thomas Mancino did an about face on the Biden administration’s military vaccine mandate.

Mancino, in one of his first acts as the leader of the Oklahoma National Guard, said his Guardsmen would not be mandated to get the COVID-19 jab.

“This policy is not anti-vaccine. I and the Governor are both vaccinated. I encourage all our Oklahoma Guard Members to get vaccinated if they choose to do so,” Mancino said. “We want to educate and inform our soldiers and airmen so that they can make an informed decision regarding the DOD Vaccine Mandate.”

During a town hall on Facebook last Thursday, the woke Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall answered a question if he wants unvaccinated Airmen separated from the service and he responded, “It’s actually a pretty straightforward question. The bottom line is that willfully disobeying a lawful order is incompatible with military service. And to get a vaccination is a lawful order.”

Many Americans do not believe it is a lawful order. Up until very recently, when the FDA, for what seemed like political reasons, finally approved both the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, which prior to that were still under Emergency Use Authorization, the Biden administration lied about the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine being approved as it was not.

Fortunately for the rest of the country, the Biden vaccine mandate was halted by a stay from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Vaccine mandates are as unamerican as it gets, but to do what they are doing to our military forces, and how it is lowering our military readiness, it should be seen as a form of treason for helping our enemies get emboldened. This will not end well.

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