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UPDATE: Wye Hill Cancels Reservation, Progressive Goes Viral, Moms Group Keep Focused On School Board

In the last week, local North Carolina media and national media outlets have picked up on the story and see it for its value- highlighting the problems with cancel culture, in general.

Cancel Culture is on the rise around the country and is a growing concern of Americans, according to polls on the topic- but we have the one story currently getting a lot of attention which could cancel- cancel culture.

This week Libs of Tik Tok highlighted self-identified Progressive Democrat Katherine Johnson, who threatened a restaurant to cancel a pre-made reservation for a Mom in North Carolina- because Johnson had found out that in the group would be some members of Moms For Liberty- a national parents rights group.

In this video, Johnson admits she did the dirty deed:

We broke the news here about Wye Hill in Raleigh that canceled that local mom’s reservation made in her name because the management said she didn’t align with the restaurant’s values. Here are some more of the details, including the email with the cancelation:

In the last week, local North Carolina media and national media outlets have picked up on the story and see it for its value- highlighting the problems with cancel culture, in general.

Americans are being abused by the anti-American actions of businesses- that are a denial of many civil liberties- and used as a tool by the left that has caused so much damage to so many people.

It is ironic because the LGBTQ movement itself grew out of a lawsuit where a homosexual couple wanted a Christian baker to make them a cake, and they were told no. Many people remember that story in great detail- and we now have the reverse of that story- in the name of LGBTQ movement.


Johnson had targeted a Wake County chapter of the national group, Moms For Liberty, and started harassing the chairwoman and founder of the Wake Co group. Johnson lives in a nearby county to the chairwoman. Then Johnson used a fake name to pretend to be an interested member of the Wake Co group.

Then the chairwoman invited new members of her chapter to her personal social happy hour, which is how Johnson found out and went into leftist mode.

The chapter leadership says they are currently too busy to talk about any potential lawsuits because they are working Moms; they are focused on school board issues and parental rights. July 1st is when people can declare they are running for school board- and they will be busy with that for weeks.

The chairwoman says that she is not planning anything at this time because the threats of political violence to moms and families are too great to discuss any possibility of lawsuits.

The restaurant, which compiled with Johnson and sent a very nasty email to cancel a previously accepted reservation for happy hour, has never responded to the chairwoman or any media we found- and not to us- but the threats by Katherine Johnsson and the left continue.

Currently, several political operatives have organized protests and counter-protests for their own personal reasons. Both people on the left and right are talking a lot about boycotts and other forms of protests- and while the chapter leader says she can not control what anyone else does, she will not participate in any protests.

However, she does hope you will focus on parental rights at schools and the national conversation of how we end cancel culture- for the good of our children.

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