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UPDATE! Gavin McInnes FBI Raid Was a HOAX!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a disgraced TV actor or the former leader of a right-wing militant organization, staging a prank for headlines is wrong. Jesse Smollett found out the hard way how the U.S. legal system feels about false police reports of bogus crimes.

A jury convicted Smollett on five counts. But senseless pranks are not reserved for the liberal left. Former Proud Boy leader Gavin McInnes apparently staged a raid and bogus arrest at his podcast studio. But one of McInnes’ friends called him on his scam.

McInnes started the ball rolling by videoing his studio being raided and him being arrested for being involved in the Capitol Hill chaos of January 6, 2021. It turns out the whole scene was a fabricated ploy for attention.

Nevertheless, McInnes couldn’t keep his mouth shut. He informed his friends that the entire performance showing him being arrested was a fake. Professional comedian Owen Benjamin was one person McInnes messaged to expose his prank.

But, despite his dedication to being funny, Benjamin didn’t think McInnes’ hoax was the least bit amusing. In fact, Benjamin was irate. The message to McInnes sent to Benjamin read, “Prank. Don’t tell.” But Benjamin’s reply indicated that he failed to find anything funny about the charade.

He replied, “You gonna reveal it’s a prank? Cuz I have friends writing blogs about it.” McInnes, realizing he’d been busted out by his friend, replied, “Did you spill the beans? Looks like you did. We’re done.” Honestly, who’d want to be friends with a clown like Gavin McInnes?

Staged pranks, such as the one Gavin McInnes did, does nothing but expose the person as a phony. Gavin McInnes may hold vastly different political views than Jesse Smollett. But they’re both alike in one respect. They’re both frauds.

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