Portland city commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty has spearheaded the movement to defund the police and even had the audacity to demand that Mayor Ted Wheeler hand over the police department to her. I wonder why he refused to do it. What could possibly go wrong with that nutcase in charge? Why it would not be better than having Andrew Cuomo in charge? Grandma and grandpa might be safe at least.

This is not the first time Hardesty has been in the news.

Back in November Hardesty called the police in neighboring Clark County, Washington, after she gets angry at the Lyft driver for following company protocol including cracking the windows.

She was so obnoxious that the driver pulled into a gas station and ordered her out of his car. She refused and both she and the Lyft driver called the police.

Now Jo Ann Hardesty is back in the news.

A Portland driver reported that she was rear-ended Wednesday afternoon while she was stopped for a traffic light.

The car then backed and pulled away. When the police arrived at her house she claimed that she didn’t do it. She claimed that she had not driven her car in over 24 hours and that she had not been in an accident.

Her spokesperson said she has not been contacted by the police.

Oregon Live reported:

The driver reported the collision after returning home. She told police she had been side-by-side earlier on the road with the car that struck her and saw the other driver on the phone or looking down in her lap before the accident.

A driver also gave police a license plate of the car that struck her. Hardesty was listed as the suspect on a computer dispatch report. No injuries were reported.

Hardesty said the allegations are false, according to her spokesman, Matt McNally.

“Commissioner Hardesty has asked me to let you know that she takes these accusations very seriously. She denies the accusation that she drove her vehicle in the last 24 hours, that she was involved in any vehicle accident and says she has not been contacted by the Portland Police Bureau regarding any such incident,” he said by email.

The commissioner has planned a video news conference at 12:30 p.m. to answer any questions.