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Ukrainian Soldier’s Aimlessly Recorded Video Message For What Russian Troops Can Expect Goes Viral: ‘we’ll start kicking your ass’ [VIDEO]

I think Vladimir Putin may have bitten off more than he can chew. The Ukrainian people have a history of not sitting back and allowing themselves to be pushed around without putting up a fight.

Dan Bongino gave a theory this week on his nationally syndicated radio show and I think he’s right. Back in 2014, when the Russian president invaded Crimea and the ObamaBiden administration did nothing to stop it, Putin got a 25 point bump in his ratings with the Russian people.

A couple years later and Putin was in trouble for a while there because former President Donald Trump got the price of oil down when he made us energy independent and Russia makes money with their energy producing industry when the price of oil per barrel is high. The Russian economy suffered.

Bongino believes Putin started up this mess with building troops along Ukraine’s border would eventually get him another bump in the polls. But there was no bump. The world is a different place today from what it was 8 years ago. So now he had close to 200,000 troops ready to go into Ukraine and he got no bump. He was between a rock and a hard place. So, to save face, he invaded. There are other reasons, no doubt, for why the madman Putin ultimately decided to go in, but he certainly doesn’t want to get bogged down in another war that even if he wins, he loses politically. According to normal people watching the whole thing unfold, there was no reason for the invasion. Ukraine did nothing to Russia. Putin now has Russian citizens protesting at home against what he is doing in Ukraine.

But as I said, the Ukrainian people are willing to defend themselves and give it back to Putin.

A message went viral from a Ukrainian solder to Russian troops as the invasion was making its way closer to Ukraine’s capital city if Kyiv.

The soldier, who is still unidentified, laughs and smiles as he aimlessly threatens the Russian soldiers invading his beloved country.

WARNING: Foul Language Ahead

“I’ll record this in Russian to make it be f***ing clearer,” says the soldier to the camera.

“Well guys, what’s up? What, is the Ukrainian night quiet, as the great Ukrainian writer Gogal said? Is everything good with you, kids?”

“Do you like our Bayraktars?” Those are UAV’s or unmanned aerial vehicles.

The video went viral online in the original language, so the translations are what we found on social media.


“What do you think what’s flying above you right now? What do you think? What is rustling in the bushes, my guys? What thoughts do you have about that?” he said, smiling and holding his rifle.

“What the f**k could it be? Dudes, you are f***ed!” he said.

“You’ve stopped for now. We’re fine. We’re pulling up our reserves.”

“We have aviation and we have tanks! We’ve got everything! Your ass is ours, fellas!” he added.

Believe it or not, this video could put some doubt in some of the younger Russian soldiers involved in the invasion.

“How about this… why do you f***ing surrender while you still have that chance? Many of yours have already chosen that path, it’s not that bad, really,” the Ukrainian soldier said.

“It may be a mistake, but we treat prisoners of war fairly well. So you are stuck right now, and soon we’ll start kicking your ass! And we’ll start doing it right now!” he says.

“Therefore, use your last chance!” the soldier finishes.

The video got about 350,000 views and the English subtitled version got over 1 million views in just a few hours.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Russian forces would likely make a push to take the capital Saturday morning. The US State Department offered assistance to get out of the country, but Zelensky refused. You have to give it up to Zelensky. A few years ago, he was a late night television comic and now he is fighting for the freedom of his country and unlike authoritarian leaders like Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Zelensky is not running away like a coward.


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