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Ukrainian Sniper Reportedly Kills Highly Decorated Russian General

It is being reported that a Ukrainian sniper has killed Major Gen. Andrey Sukhovetsky, a highly decorated Russian officer. Sukhovetsky was deputy commander of the 41st Combined Arms Army, which is part of the Russia Central Military District. Russia’s Ministry of Defense has not confirmed his death, but Sukhovetsky’s colleague Sergey Chipilyov confirmed his death on social media. Media outlets in both countries have run the news of his death.

The post from Chipilyov :

“With great pain, we received the tragic news about the death of our friend, Major-General Andrey Aleksandrovich Sukhovetsky, in Ukraine during a special operation. We express our deepest condolences to his family.”\

The Daily Mail said it isn’t known where he was killed, but that his funeral would be held Saturday in Russia according to a military source.

President Zelensky praised the troops and people of Ukraine for the way they have stood up to the Russians and kept them from sweeping right through the country.

Zelensky said:

“They wanted to destroy us. They failed. We’ve been through so much. And if anyone thinks that, having overcome all this, Ukrainians will be frightened, broken, or surrender, they know nothing about Ukraine. We will restore every house, every street, every city, and we say to Russia: learn the word ‘reparations.’ You will reimburse us for everything you did against our state, against every Ukrainian, in full.”

“We are a people who in a week have destroyed the plans of the enemy. They will have no peace here. They will have no food. They will have here not one quiet moment.”

Sukhovetsky is the highest ranking Russian officer to die so far during this invasion. He was appointed deputy army commander of the 41st Division in October 2021. Before that he commanded the 7th Airborne Assault Division in Novorossiysk.

From The Blaze

The Kremlin on Wednesday acknowledged that nearly 500 of its troops have been killed and another 1,600 have been injured in Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine, the outlet said, adding that the real numbers are “almost certainly higher.”

Ukraine’s armed forces said Thursday that Russia’s army had suffered 9,000 casualties, the Daily Mail added, although noting that the military’s statement said the actual death toll “is complicated by the high intensity of hostilities.”

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