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Ukrainian Gun Stores Flooded After Government Passes Law Allowing Citizens To Carry Firearms For the Russian Invasion

As Vladimir Putin is sending military troops into Ukraine and declaring regions independent areas, on Wednesday, the Ukrainian parliament approved a bill that allows Ukrainian citizens to carry firearms and act in self-defense if confronted. Within hours, gun stores were packed.

There is nothing more important that a person’s right to defend themself from people who wish to do them harm.

The draft was approved on “the first reading,” according to Reuters.

The authors of the bill said in a note that “the adoption of this law is fully in the interests of the state and society,” because of “existing threats and dangers for the citizens of Ukraine.”

This action took place just days after Putin ordered “peacekeeping” troops to the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk that are in southeastern Ukraine. World leaders considered the move the beginning of an invasion. Joe Biden ordered a handful of grapes and asked for the television to be turned to reruns of Matlock.

Imagine if Canada’s Trudeau said that there are many Canadians living in the US border state of Vermont who want the state to become a part of Canada and so he sent in military troops on the pretense of doing peacekeeping, even though everyone knows it’s just a ploy to get and keep military troops into the country so they can begin the real mission; a takeover of the region. How soon would an American president, well, not the current president, but a legitimate American president, send US troops to Vermont and begin catapulting Canadian soldiers across the border 24/7? Putin would have never done this if Trump were president.

For some time now, Russia was building an army of troops along the Ukraine border, and the Biden administration was hyping up a possible invasion for their own political reasons, while Putin insisted all along that he had no plans to invade Ukraine. It was reported that by Wednesday, up to 80 percent of Russia’s 150,000 troops along Ukraine’s border are now ready and alert to invade.

The Ukraine government issued a 30 day state of emergency and started calling up military reservists and now is allowing civilians to carry firearms.

Many Ukrainians, upon hearing of the draft law, headed right out and flooded gun shops to purchase firearms for protection.

There are reports of long lines in gun stores as Ukrainians run to buy guns and ammo, including sniper rifles. Many stores have already sold out of AR-15’s. That should make American liberals wet their pants.

A Ukrainian citizen shopping in a gun store told The Guardian “Of course, I’m worried about the situation. I’m hoping for the best but preparing for everything.”

“I’ve bought two sniper complexes with good optics. I’ve also ordered a drone on Amazon. It hasn’t turned up yet,” another Ukrainian said.

“We can win against Russia. This isn’t 2014,” he said. “We have heavy weapons, thanks to U.S. and U.K. If they come, we will shoot at them from every window.”

The Ukrainian people have been through a lot over the decades. They are tough people who are willing to fight against the invaders. God speed against the Russian army.

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