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Ukraine Says Kill Squad Sent to Assassinate President Zelensky Has Been ‘Destroyed’

Ukrainian officials say they were tipped off by Russian spies about a hit squad sent by Vladimir Putin to assassinate president Zelensky and that they had destroyed the alleged Chechen special forces team was wiped out. Chechen spokesman admitted that 2 soldiers were killed and four wounded in a battle, but he did not admit they were part of a hit team that was to kill Zelensky.

Oleksiy Danilov, chief of the country’s National Security and Defense Council, announced during a meeting on Tuesday that an assassination team was in the country and that they were notified by Russian spies who no longer support the bloody war. Russia is in a tough spot. They are having terrible trouble in Ukraine but they cannot admit defeat and withdrawal. Unless Putin is disposed of.

The Kadyrovites are a highly-skilled paramilitary organization in Chechnya, and they are poorly trained but are willing to kill for Russian and that has made them invaluable to Putin. National Review claims they  are accused of a number of human rights violations and abuses.

Danilov said:

“We are well aware of the special operation that was to take place directly by the Kadyrovites to eliminate our president. And I can say that we have received information from the FSB, who today do not want to take part in this bloody war. And thanks to this, I can say that Kadyrov’s elite group was destroyed directly, which came here to eliminate our president,”

From The Blaze

The Washington Post reported that Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov confirmed on Monday in a Telegram post that two of his servicemen had died while six others were injured during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, neither the Chechens nor the Kremlin has attributed the losses to a foiled assassination attempt.

Since the launch of the invasion, Zelenskyy has claimed that Russian forces designated him and his family as top targets in the offensive and that Russian kill squads were actively seeking to assassinate him. Nevertheless, he vowed to remain in the capital, Kyiv, and stand alongside his people.

Even when the U.S. government reportedly offered to evacuate Zelenskyy out of harm’s way, the president stood by his decision to stay.

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