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Ukraine President Zelensky Outperforms Kamala Harris at Munich Security Conference, Says ‘Someone is lying’ [VIDEO]

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky met with US Vice President Kamala Harris on Saturday in Germany. Harris looked off of her game. Zelensky called the Biden administration’s bluff at the end.

I’m just surprised she didn’t go into her famous giggling routine in the middle of her speech.

I don’t know how Democrats like Harris can look someone in the eye when they have been a part of a manipulation campaign against them. How does she sleep at night?

Kamala Harris spoke at the Munich Security conference and all I could hear was her nasally vapid voice reciting practiced lies about how everyone has given Russia the opportunity to have diplomatic talks when it was the Biden-Harris administration that hyped up the situation along the Ukrainian border. The administration used their fellow members of the symbiote of leftists, the misinformation news media, to make it appear that Vladimir Putin was about to invade Ukraine. The administration somehow got Zelensky to say publicly that they received intelligence that the Russians would invade on Wednesday of this week. It’s Saturday, and no invasion happened.

WATCH: (WARNING: Possible loss of IQ points.)

Harris tried to act sober and serious while giving the speech, but no one was buying it. Remember, Zelensky had to tell Biden to knock it off with the hyped up rhetoric of a Russian invasion. He had to ensure his own people that they were going to be okay and we have a nitwit in the White House ordering all the other nitwits to make it appear that an invasion was imminent, so that when it didn’t happen, the administration could tout what a great job Biden did with threatening sanctions against Putin, of which the Russian leader said he couldn’t care less.

Nothing has changed, and toward the end of the meeting between Harris and Zelensky, the Ukrainian leader gave some remarks that allowed him to send a message to the world that he knows what the Biden administration is doing and he didn’t fall for it. At the beginning of his comments, he said, “someone is lying.”


I thought he gave a great speech. While he spoke about the safety and welfare of his people, Harris sounded like she was trying to act tough against Russia and she didn’t pull it off.

Zelensky underscored the fact that the Biden administration acted like it was so certain that Russia was about to invade his country, and yet they hadn’t done a thing about releasing deterrent sanctions. You can’t act like an invasion is imminent and do absolutely nothing to prevent it outside of lip service if you want to be the one who can brag about stopping Putin from invading. Watching the Biden administration work is like watching children trying to build a treehouse with no nails.

Everything that’s going on in Ukraine is a total manipulation by our state department and our intel community. When will Ukraine become tired of being treated like a political pawn by American Democrats? The Obama administration used Ukraine, VP Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion if the previous president didn’t fire the prosecutor who was looking into his son Hunter and Hunter’s firm, Burisma Holdings. The problem Zelensky is facing is he still needs our help and so he has to go along with things the Biden administration is asking him to do. I believe that’s the only reason the Ukrainian president said an attack would happen on Wednesday. It was so uncharacteristic of him after he spent weeks trying to calm the world down on an “imminent” invasion.



  1. Ronald Hatton

    February 20, 2022 at 5:03 am

    Pretty much the whole world understands the democrats lie. And libs like Trudeau and many throughout the world are pushing so many evil things. It should make rational thinking people to worry.

  2. Susan Campbell

    February 20, 2022 at 10:32 am

    Before he was elected, Biden talked about how tough he was – back in the day – with someone he called “corn pop”. No matter what (this figment of his imagination) “corn pop” threatened, Biden always beat him down and won. Seems that Biden has taken this same play book with him into the white house. Zelensky and Putin are strategic leaders with far more intelligence than Biden. They aren’t falling for Biden and Kamala’s disinformation campaign.

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