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California Politics

UC Berkeley Students Happily Pledge Money to Help the Taliban Kill Americans Inside the U.S.

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz made what could be the most disturbing film he has ever made. Naturally, it was made on the Berkeley campus under the most bizarre circumstances.

Horowitz asked the students to contribute money to the Taliban, so they can use it to kill Americans abroad and in this country.

The scary part is that every single student was for the idea and not one student objected.

Horowitz told the students:

“We’re trying to raise money for the Taliban. Tax-deductible. I mean, if you earn money in Afghanistan, so that’s probably less helpful to you guys. We’re Taliban 2.0. We’re kinder, gentler. Not really, but okay. You know, it’s our, it’s the way, it’s the way we roll.”

 “We want to be able to train our fighters to fight back against American interests. There’s a lot of weapons that were left there, we need money to train them how to use it against American forces. We want to train our fighters to strike back against American interests around the world and in the homeland.”

How unbelievable was it? The cameraman who is a San Francisco leftist thought he was being punked and that these were actors and not real students.

He could not believe this was real, but  I do. The students are taught that the United States is the root of all evil.

From PJ Media

Horowitz knows just what to say to move woke Berkeley students to open their wallets: “Before America got there, we used it as a base to strike against America. We want to do that again….We got to fight back, you know? And America’s destroying the world, and we want to secure it for striking against the American homeland.” He tells another student: “So we want to be able to create a bulwark against America in Afghanistan, to fund and help its enemies around the world strike back against American interests, both abroad and in the homeland.” And: “Basically we want to create a safe space for enemies of the United States….9/11 was a lesson, but this is, they didn’t learn their lesson from 9/11. We want them to do that again like we did it in 2001.”

Other students in the video respond enthusiastically as well. To one young woman, Horowitz says, “I don’t know if you know that much about American imperialism.” She responds, “Oh, yes, yeah.” Horowitz continues: “So you know how damaging the US is.” Her reply: “Definitely!”

One student hears Horowitz’s pitch and responds, “Okay, that sounds great!” Another tells him, “Appreciate what you’re doing here.” A third says, “What you’re talking about is really important and I agree with you fully.” One young man tells Horowitz, “I would work for you.” One student pledges $50; Horowitz gives him a hug and exclaims, “Do you know how many Taliban fighters we can train on that?”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Brian Benton

    October 27, 2021 at 2:23 pm

    Why do these College Campuses still exist, why aren’t these people in Custody for aiding and abetting the enemy?

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