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Owen Shroyer tells Congress the truth, and they kicked him out.

This morning as the  House of Representatives started day of hearings Owen Shroyer, of the War Room, stood up and told Congress that "America is sick of the treason committed the Democrat party". He was quickly escorted out of the room.

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Kamala Harris drops out of presidential race

She made the announcement in a call with staff on Tuesday. Thank God Kamala Harris is out of the race!! Her campaign has been gripped with turmoil from the start. If she can't even lead a small group of people how would she possibly lead our country.  Kamala...

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Michael Bloomberg launches Democratic presidential bid

NEW YORK (AP) — Billionaire and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, one of the world’s richest men, has formally launched a Democratic bid for president. So here is one of the richest white men in America running as a Democrat candidate. Do you think he will...

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The one word that keeps coming up in impeachment hearings

Fox Nation hosts Kat Timpf and Tom Shillue compiled a montage of what seems to be the most popular word recurring throughout the impeachment proceedings as this week marked week two in the public hearings. This inquiry is full of "witnesses" that haven't...

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