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Mueller grand jury gets 6 month extension – KTVQ.com

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s federal grand jury has been extended by six months. The grand jury, based in Washington, DC, was seated for an 18-month term that began in July 2017 and was set to expire in the coming days. Under federal rules, the court is able to...

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Karl Rove: Who will win the shutdown?

All the major actors in the government-shutdown drama have seen their standing suffer with the public. That includes Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi and her House Democrats, and President Trump and congressional Republicans....

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BBC bans racist song White Christmas – The Rochdale Herald

The BBC working on advice from Institute for Cultural Correctness has announced that the song, White Christmas is to be banned. Spokeswoman for the perpetually offender, Rita Right-on told us, "When you analyse the lyrics you realise that it's reinforcing white...

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