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The Solution to Gun Control in America

The Democrats have no real solutions. They just want to control the masses. The best way is to take away their guns. And who has most of the guns legally? White people. So they need to make them the enemy of the country. Don't fall for their schemes. VoteDemOut2020....

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The Leftist Agenda!

The left's agenda is to label all President Trump supporters white supremacist. Do not be deceived by their tactics. These lunatic shooters are all leftist filled with hate that has been emboldened by the Democrat Party, not Trump! SUPPORT NEWSWARS AND UNITE AMERICA...

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President Trump to Visit El Paso and Dayton

President Trump will visit the cities of Dayton and El Paso, where 31 people were murdered over the weekend in mass shootings, according to officials. President Trump will visit El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, following the mass murders in the...

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Did President Trump Denounce White Supremacy? @FirePowerNews

Will Johnson talks about how the Democrats are increasing their agenda that anyone who is white, supports President Trump and holds a firearm that they are white supremacists. This is dangerous. These tweets demonstrate the real Domestic Terrorists in America, the...

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Children at Center of Booming Smuggling Industry

Another example of how illegals purposely abuse the system in America. WASHINGTON—A 33-year-old Honduran male illegally crossed the U.S. border with his 15-year-old “son” recently. After an investigation, it was discovered that the man had borrowed the boy...

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