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Democrats boycott White House border security meeting

Congressional Democrats on Tuesday rejected President Trump's invitation to a lunch meeting at the White House to discuss border security, in the latest sign that both sides of the government shutdown standoff remain entrenched in their positions with no compromise in...

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Video: Democrats On Immigration, Before And After Trump

This compilation shows the hypocrisy of Democrats about a Border Wall. Why hasn't the liberal media asked them to explain why a border wall was a good idea under Obama but it isn't now? It's because the Democrats don't care about security. They care about their...

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NBC Reporter Quits, Accuses Network of Anti-Trump Propaganda

The news outlets in America are no longer non-biased. They can no longer say we report the news. Today they are just T.V. talk shows that push a certain agenda and ideology. If you turn on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, etc. you will only hear anti-Trump stories. And yes, a...

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Exactly!McConnell exposes Hypocrisy of the DEMS on Border Wall

Mitch McConnell laid out the hypocrisy of the Democrats on the border wall and the Democrats hate for President Trump perfectly. Even after the meeting yesterday with Trump and GOP leaders, the Democrats came out and completely mischaracterized what happened in the...

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House votes to reopen Treasury Dept., IRS

The Democratic-led House approved a bill Wednesday to reopen the Treasury Department, Internal Revenue Service and Small Business Administration, among other federal agencies. The chamber voted 240-188 to advance the measure, with eight Republicans bucking party lines...

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Angel mom demands action on the border wall

Julie Golvach, whose son Spencer was shot and killed by a four-time deported illegal immigrant, calls the opposition from Democrats 'absolutely ridiculous.'   Source: Angel mom demands action on the border...

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US employers added a stellar 312,000 jobs in December

The economy is booming. This past Christmas I traveled Hwy 5 from northern California to Southern California across the farming plain. For the first time since we have made this trip, we saw new crops and people working the farms all the way down. We were amazed at...

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