Sri Lankan authorities said an international terror group likely supported an obscure local Islamist group in carrying out a series of bombings that killed at least 290 people on Easter Sunday, weeks after the government had received warnings from the U.S. and India about a possible attack.

It is sad that Christians continue to face attacks from Islamists. It is also sad that security officials warned Sri Lanka in India and the U.S. on April 4 that they had picked up indications that attacks were being planned in Sri Lanka. While those warnings didn’t include the name of a group, Sri Lankan security officials linked them to National Thowheeth Jamath in a circular it distributed to police authorities on April 9.

The bomb attacks in Sri Lanka killed at least 290 people and wounded hundreds of others from Sri Lanka and some tourists.

The Suicide bombers struck three Christian churches and four luxury hotels in the cities of Colombo, Negombo and Batticaloa on Sunday morning.
The majority of the dead and injured were Sri Lankans.
But it seems the bombers had bigger plans.
Police said they discovered 87 detonators, apparently abandoned, at a private bus stand in the capital. Two more explosive devices were also discovered, one late Sunday near the airport and another on Monday in a van near the location where one of at least eight blasts occurred on Sunday. Police conducted a controlled detonation of the device found on Monday, causing no injuries.
Why is it that this isn’t headlined news among liberal news channels? When the attacks in New Zealand happeded it was non-stop news among the liberal news. We know why. Because this is an attack by Muslims and the attack in New Zealand was labeled a white supremacist. Muslims have also been killing hundreds of Christians in Nigeria.

It has become clear that the Democrats in America are protecting Muslims who have become increasingly violent and remain silent on the killing of innocent Christians.

Source: U.S., India Warned Sri Lanka Weeks Before Easter Terror Attacks